Whether you plan on having a one night stand or a casual relationship, it’s important to make sure that the sex is as good as possible for both parties involved. This will be extremely beneficial if you want to have a chance of meeting up with the same woman to have sex with her again. One of the best ways to make the sex as good as possible for her is by going down on her. While you might not make a habit of going down on your sexual partners, it’s a good time to start if you want to keep her in bed, and there are plenty of reasons why you should give it special attention.

It Makes Her Feel Good

This should be obvious, but going down on a woman makes her feel good. She might not be used to oral sex, but either way it’s going to feel good. Obviously, you enjoy blowjobs. Women enjoy having a guy go down on them just as much. Making her feel good is key when it comes to ensuring a woman will want to sleep with you again. Take the extra time and effort to focus on her and make sure that she’s into it. Of course, some women aren’t into oral sex so you may not have to wind up doing it at all. At least give it a shot, because you never know until you ask.

Most Guys Won’t Bother

You’re probably not too crazy about the idea of going down on girls all the time, so you might have been putting it off or just choosing not to do it when you hook up. Of course, this is the same mentality that most other guys have. If you’re not too keen about going down on women all the time, neither are any of the other guys she’s hooking up with. This means that the fact that you choose to go down on her will mean that much more to her, and it’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

This is important when hooking up, because you want to make her remember you. The best way to do that is by offering her something she isn’t going to get from the average guy that she hooks up with.

It Makes Her More Eager for Sex

Going down on a woman is pretty much the ultimate form of foreplay, and it’s bound to get her worked up like nothing else. This can only benefit you because it will make her that much more eager to get to the good stuff. A woman who’s eager to have sex will be a much better lay, so there’s really no losing here.

Take your time and make her feel good, because she’ll return the favor tenfold, and probably in ways that you could have never imagined. Chances are that she’ll come back to you for seconds later on since she knows you’ll make her feel good instead of ignoring her pleasure and needs.