When choosing where to take your date, it may be tempting to fall back on the tried-and-true. You might think of chain establishments, like well-known restaurants or movie theaters. You generally have a good idea of the quality when you go somewhere you’ve been before. So you know it won’t be a disaster and you won’t get poor service (at least usually). But, taking your date to a hole in the wall establishment can get you a serious leg up on your competition. There are several reasons for this.

It Offers a Unique Experience

Going to the same old movie theater or restaurant on a date can be a serious bore for a first date. First of all, women can go to most of these chains any time they want, so going there on a date doesn’t make it very special. It can also show a lack of creativity on your part if your woman is particularly critical.

Going to a mom-and-pop business can be the perfect solution to this kind of issue. It can be something new and exciting while still being the same kind of traditional dinner and a movie date. Not only that, but many small businesses offer better service than big businesses. They will be more focused on individual customers than their profit margins. This means a nicer date for you.

You Get to Experience New Things

Pushing out of your comfort zone to try new places or new cuisines will broaden your horizons. And likely your date’s, as well. Experiencing new things is a great way to bond with someone. Often that doesn’t happen on dates unless you get adventurous. So choosing a hole in the wall restaurant over a big chain restaurant is a great way to try new things with your date. And if the food or service winds up being terrible? Then you and your date may have enough chemistry to be able to laugh about it and move on to something even better.

It Becomes a Secret Between the Two of You

Going to a small or little-known restaurant can be a great way to share a novel experience with your date. You may even find a new favorite restaurant or bar because of trying something new. What makes it even better is that the two of you now have a special memory of a place that few other people may know about. It may become something of an inside joke or secret between you. A place that becomes special to the two of you in a way that a big chain establishment might not be able to.

After all, if the place unknown enough, it is unlikely that her friends will have gone on their dates before. It’s an easy way to impress your date. It can lead to intimate moments later on in your relationship or fling. Like when you take her back a second time to celebrate your first meeting.