Having a date night with a woman, whether it’s your first or your fortieth, should always be special. Calling it a date makes it that way. Eating dinner by itself isn’t anything out of the ordinary. So by spicing it up, you’re creating a moment for your date to remember. While this great on its own, by adding some small yet thoughtful notions will make it even better. Dates can end in many different ways, let’s make sure that yours ends well in a bed with a beautiful woman.

Show Up on Time

Most women take a lot longer than men do when it comes to getting ready for a date. So when you set a plan, be on it. If you show up early then she’s going to have to rush to finish getting ready. Since you’re there waiting and she’ll feel pretty flustered by it. That’s not a good start. Showing up late is as bad as early. Then she thinks that she has to finish by a certain time but now has longer. She doesn’t know how far away you are. She isn’t sure if she should do something extra to her hair or makeup because what if you show up in the middle of it? Avoid all this confusion by being as prompt as you can. If you do happen to be running late, call her and let her know ahead of time. It sets the tone for the rest of the night.

Bring Flowers

Unless you know that your date is allergic to them, always bring her flowers. Every. Single. Time. Sure, she’ll come to expect them, but that will be one of the romantic gestures that she brags to her friends about. Get her a different one every time to keep things interesting. If you buy her a giant bouquet it’s a bit of overkill. Instead, get singles. These work better for your budget too.

Pick Date Ideas Half the Time

It’s not always the man’s job to come up with the date, but it’s a good way to start out a relationship. Pick something that the both of you would like to do and then propose it. She doesn’t want to have to play the game of “I don’t care” when it comes to date choices. But after you’ve picked a few ask her to do the same. Instead of asking, “What do you want to do tonight?” tell her that you’d like for her to pick a dating spot for the two of you. Once you get the hang of it, you can both switch off.

Pick Her Up

Once you get comfortable with each other she may end up wanting to drink a glass of wine or a drink on the date. Let her have this by offering to be the driver. You go to her place to pick her up unless she asks to meet there or drive you. It’s not only the gentlemanly thing to do, it’s considerate to let her take a break from the wheel and relax while you drive. And when she relaxed, she’ll be more open to more… stimulating things later!