It’s usually quite difficult to convince a woman to hook up with you when you’re messaging her on a dating site. It usually winds up being quite a long process that you have to be very careful about. You don’t want to wind up sabotaging yourself so that you lose your chance to hook up with her. One of the most important things to keep in mind is where you want to meet up when you want to hook up with her. If you’re going to meet up with a woman you met on a popular dating site, you don’t want to screw things up by choosing to meet at the wrong type of place. It could really change the entire tone of your encounter for better or for worse, so you need to know all about the place you choose to meet up.

Some places are good to meet up with a woman from an online dating site, and some are just bad ideas. There are definitely pros and cons to each different place to meet up, though, and you need to be able to figure this out. It’s definitely important that you be able to weigh the pros and cons of each venue so you know how to make the right decision.

There are some places that will work out better for different situations, and you’ll want to be able to pick the right place to meet up with your hookup. If you’re struggling to decide where to meet up with a woman you met online, we’re here to help. Here are the pros and cons of various places you could choose to meet up with a woman, and which one you should pick:

Meeting up at a Hotel Bar

Meeting up at a hotel bar may not seem like the best choice for you, but it can actually be a good option in certain scenarios. You might not always want to do this, but it’s still something you should be thinking about. This is a good idea whether you’re new to Australia or you’ve lived in the area all your life. Before you jump to any conclusions, though, you need to know all of the various pros and cons that come with choosing this option.


There are definitely some advantages to choosing to meet up at a hotel bar. First of all, it’s a relatively public location that still offers a decent amount of privacy. Secondly, there’s alcohol, but it’s not a sleazy environment. This is a lot more important than you might think. Meeting up in a sleazy bar is not the way to impress a woman that you want to hook up with. However, hotel bars are usually quite classy and the availability of alcohol is quite important. You might want to have a drink or two before you go out on your date, just to loosen up and get to know each other.

Plus, the fact that it is a public location will help keep you safe in case anything goes wrong. You never really know what you’re going to get when you meet up with a stranger from the Internet, so it is important that you meet up in a location that will be safe for both of you.


Of course, meeting up at a hotel bar might not always be the right choice for you to make. If you don’t want to have any alcohol involved, you may not want to meet here. Sometimes dates will go much better if you have no way to get access to alcohol. Another downside to meeting up at a hotel bar is that it might not really seem all that classy. Yes, hotel bars are a little bit less nasty than regular seedy dives, but you’re still meeting up at a bar. This might not be the best option for you, so it’s something to consider before you decide where to meet up with your date.

Meeting up at a Coffee Shop

Meeting up at a coffee shop is becoming more and more common as more people turn to online dating as a solution for their loneliness. If you met her on what can’t really be considered a good or popular site to meet women, you may need the extra security that meeting up in public like this can offer. There are definitely some advantages and disadvantages to meeting up at a coffee shop, and we are here to tell you what they are.


One of the advantages of meeting up at a coffee shop is the fact that it is a hugely public location. You won’t have to worry about being surprised by a huge burly man who wants to mug you instead of the waiflike woman you thought you were going to meet up with. The big burly man might still show up, but he’s not exactly going to mug you in the middle of a coffee shop. Plus, meeting up at a coffee shop helps keep things casual and simple. It doesn’t seem too serious. There are definitely some big advantages to meeting up at a coffee shop, but it really comes down to what type of woman you’re meeting up with.


Not every woman in Australia is going to be okay with this. She may find it insulting that you want to meet up in such an open and public space for your first date. Plus, meeting up at a coffee shop can seem a bit cliché. She might not really be interested in hanging out at a café with some guy she met on the Internet. It really comes down to personal preference.

Meeting up at a Restaurant, Movie, or Other Classic Date Location

If you met a woman on a top-ranked dating website, this should probably serve your needs just fine. Meeting up where you plan on having your date can be a perfectly safe choice. However, you still need to go through some of the pros and cons.


First of all, you are obviously meeting up where you plan to have your date. This saves some time, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time with a woman that you’re not interested in. You won’t have to get stuck in a coffee shop listening to her natter on about her family for five hours. Also, it shows the level of trust in her that meeting up at a public location might not really portray. It’s definitely something to consider, but we still think it’s something that you should discuss with her beforehand. She might have already decided where she wants to meet up with you.


There are some huge disadvantages to meeting up at your date location. First of all, it doesn’t give you a chance to really scope are out before you go on your date. You might not wind up liking her as much as you thought you would when you were talking to her on the Internet. You might just not have any chemistry. Plus, it might not really be safe, especially if you’re not sure you’re meeting up with. You don’t want to wind up getting mugged outside of the restaurant that you chose for your date.