After dating someone for a while, there’s always this weird in-between stage where you’re more serious than casual but haven’t talked about becoming something official. The official term is, obviously, boyfriend and girlfriend. You could always just assume that you’re together, but then if someone kisses someone else there’s going to be big trouble. But just asking, “Are you my girlfriend now?” is probably the least romantic thing that you could do. Instead, make an event out of it. Here are some perfect ways to make her feel like royalty and earn you some future boyfriend points.

Get Her Something Small

When you’re asking her to commit don’t think that you have to buy her a ring or something. Small gifts can often be more valuable thanks to their thoughtful nature. If she’s really into owls, get her a new owl thing, if she likes to surf maybe offer to go out on the waves with her. Spending time getting or doing something valuable to her personally is what’s going to make her want to say yes. You’re showing her that you listen to the little things can be a good boyfriend because of it.

Don’t Go Too Big

You’re not proposing marriage, here. You’re just asking her to be more important than she was before, so there’s no need to get down on one knee or make a huge fuss about it. The best way to go would be to visit either a romantic restaurant or a place that means a lot to your relationship. The restaurant is a very good, albeit basic, form of creating a romantic evening that’s ideal to ask her to be your long-term girlfriend. You can have wine or champagne brought to the table, equipped with roses, and music in the background.

If you’re looking to customize things a little bit more, then consider visiting a spot that means a lot to you. The first rock where you two stargazed, the bench that you first kissed on, or your favorite hiking trail can all hold memories that will already be making her feel warm and fuzzy. The perfect setup for your question.

Write a Love Letter

Love letters are a lost art that would drop panties everywhere back in the day. Take up your pen and really write out a letter to her. It’s more romantic than texting her or emailing her and it’s something that she’ll be able to keep for a long time. In the letter be completely honest and tell her about your feelings. It might be kind of hard, but really tap in and explain why you want her as your girlfriend. Pretend that you’re having to explain it to a total stranger who’s never met her before. That way nothing is looked over and she’ll love all of the kind things that you have to say. It’s up to you whether you want to actually ask her in the letter or in person whether she’ll be your girlfriend.