There are many ways for a man to impress others. But most of them require hard work and patience. Achieving a successful position in a job can take years, not to mention how much work you invest in it and the small chance of everything back-firing on you despite it all. Even developing and programming the best online personals sites needs these things. However, even when you’re on the best road to becoming a member of the Halifax list of notable Haligonians, every once in a while you need a quick success. One that doesn’t require you to wait a few years until you see a tangible result.

For most guys, this is being successful with the ladies. In the same line, this doesn’t work for everyone. Many try, but few manage. It’s no wonder that some famous people actually consider everything they’ve done and will do easier than satisfying a woman in bed.

It doesn’t have to be such an impossible challenge though. Clearly, there are some guys who take it on and win. They have their tricks and strategies and you could fill entire volumes with them. But in the end, it’s possible to boil them down to a few simple points that are quick to get the hang out of. There are no guarantees, but there certainly are highly improved chances at being that one guy she can’t get enough of by simply trying the following points:

Speak To Her Fantasies

This doesn’t necessarily mean dirty talk. Even though there are quite a few women who enjoy it, the least of them even know that they like it and even fewer would admit to it freely. Even those registered on the best online personals sites for casual dating, despite their more relaxed stance toward sex, barely mention dirty talk. Although you can suggest it to your woman and try it out with her, there are always chances that she belongs to those who will start laughing because – let’s be honest here – dirty talk can sound incredibly ridiculous. Instead, stick to the safer end of the sensuality of words. They don’t have to be insulting and filthy to work their magic. You just need to know how to use them in your favor.

There’s a reason why you’ll find more women reading books like Fifty Shades of Grey than men. Fantasy is the greatest tool of human sexuality and when you’re trying to seduce your woman with it, then you need to use words to enable hers. Dare to talk with her about what she’d like to try out with you and what you could imagine doing in turn. Exchange your fantasies, but offer her yours with a twist. Don’t just say what sexual acts would turn you on. Describe them to her. Tell her what you would do with her when you’re acting out your fantasy. Before you know it, you will find yourself actually showing her instead.

She’s Not as Innocent as You Think

On the topic of fantasies, you’ll be surprised to hear that she most likely has some kink or two, just like you. Sexual kinks are one of the main reasons why the best dating sites and online personals even exist. It’s easier to admit to them while looking for a partner willing to participate in them in the anonymity of the internet. It takes far more courage to sit down and to tell someone you care about, who could possibly also judge you negatively for your kink. But when you start opening up your partnership for new things in bed and she gets the feeling that her little secret is safe with you, then she’ll tell you.

If you’re patient and want to take the chance that she might not, that is. You can’t always have a woman who is open, honest and confident about her own sexuality. The problem is that most women aren’t very in tune with it and really don’t know if they have a kinky streak or not. So what you can do in this situation is to act a bit as her guide. When you try out new things, talk to her about them and how she likes them.

Most important: when she tells you that she didn’t like something, don’t react insulted. This will only make her feel that she has hurt your feelings and in the future, she’ll try to avoid that by being vague in her answers or outright not telling the truth. This will only damage your relationship in the long run. Even if you aren’t the talking type, this is beneficial to you because you’re showing that you’re honestly interested in her opinion and her satisfaction, which, as you will see in the following tip, should be your main priority.

Satisfy Her and Satisfy Yourself in Turn

It’s pretty clear that it takes a bit longer to get a woman to have an orgasm and it takes more than just the usual routine. It’s been established earlier in the article that fantasy is an important factor, especially with women. So it’s easy to understand why there are still so many men don’t manage to satisfy their women in their romantic and sexual relationships. Satisfying a woman can be hard work if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thankfully, the previous two tips have already helped you well on your way with the last part. But possibly, you might be wondering why you should bother with it all. It’s not your orgasm that’s on the line, right?

If you don’t want to lose every single one of your romantic relationships, one after the other, for being an egoist, then you should bother. Even more so when you’re aiming to satisfy yourself as well. By putting her first during sex, you’re showing her that she’s also the first priority in your life and she’ll show you how much she appreciates it. She’ll want to return the favor by showing you that you’re her first priority.

She won’t only have your back in daily life, but she’ll dare to try more things with you in bed, simply because she knows she can trust you with her happiness and satisfaction. Not only will your sex life improve greatly; when you apply this to more parts of your life that you share with her, she’ll be happy and content. A happy and content woman hardly is one who will start nagging the moment you come through the door.

It all comes down to the last point, along with communication and daring to try something new and different. There’s nothing worse than sex that always follows the same routine, for neither of you. Although not every woman will admit to it, most modern women are just as sexual as any guy you know. The only reason why there still are stories of the infamous headache excuse is because they aren’t satisfied. So make sure she is and you won’t ever hear the excuse leave her lips.