It’s a common myth about Canadian online dating. You find someone you like. But going out on dates, finding things for you both to do, and spending time together will take a lot of money. Otherwise, you won’t keep her interested. This generally comes from the image of dinner dates or expensive concerts. And especially from getting dragged from shop to shop with a stack of bags as she picks out new clothes and accessories.

The fact of the matter is most women are not going to demand this much of you. Especially if you are not putting yourself out for it in the first place. Wining and dining someone to impress them in the first couple of dates is one thing. If you always bring a gift, or only suggest the most expensive places? That is going to set you up for expensive shopping trips you don’t want or need to deal with.

But follow our advice here. Even if you end up on those trips, you can still find a way to keep her from driving the credit card bill too high without discouraging her.

Set a Goal for the Trip

We do not mean telling her you do not want to spend more than two hundred bucks the entire trip. That is not going to go over well with her. Instead, what we mean is making sure she has a goal for what she wants to buy on the trip. Do not enter a mall to “kill time” or you will be killing your wallet as well. If you are taking her out to a lot of nice places, and she does not have something to wear, that is one thing.

Set a goal of finding her one or two nice dresses that will make her feel great when she goes to meet you for the evening. Or perhaps she wants a new necklace to accent the clothing she already has. It could even be something as simple as wanting the new release of her favorite collector’s item. Whatever the case, establish before you leave what it is you are trying to find and where the most likely places are to find it.

This strategy does two things very well. First, is that it immediately limits the amount you will spend while keeping her spirits up. Whether you want to find something for her to wear or something for her to enjoy some other way, the trip is still for her. Also, pending the time to talk about what she wants is going to win you points. It’ll seem you are actually paying attention to her and what she wants instead of just throwing money at her.

Money does not solve problems or show affection without something to back it up. In this case, it is your attention to her that backs up whatever gift you are giving her with this purchase. So make sure you go over what she wants and why she wants it before leaving. If nothing else, it makes you seem more thoughtful and involved with her than just the trip itself.

Second, limiting the trip to a specific goal is going to shorten the trip. Don’t wander all over Regina to her favorite stores with a vague idea of finding something she likes. Instead, have a distinct idea of what you are setting out for and where you might find it.

Think of it like the first time you started looking into Canadian online dating. You spent the time to research the various sites. You looked for reviews. Then learned about common scams before you actually settled in to find the site that worked best for you. Doing the research before diving in gave you an exacting set of criteria with which to determine if a site was going to work for you.

The same is true here. Spend some time up front to figure out exactly what it is she wants and how she intends to find. That means you can spend less time on the actual trip itself. You know where you are going and won’t mill around in stores not serving your purpose.

Give Input When She Asks for it

This applies especially to any trips that involve clothing. For some reason, most of us have it in our heads that telling a woman what we think about how she looks in something is the eighth deadly sin. This is very far from the truth.

If the woman you are dating wants to know how she looks or whether you like an accessory you are there to buy her? That is more than a case of wanting to know what you think. She is trying to make sure you are as happy buying the item as she is receiving it. That means being truthful. There are, of course, ways to do this that keep you from pissing her off or insulting her. So if that is your main concern, read on.

Always surround negative commentary with positive compliments. This is particularly true in any situation that involves her trying clothing on. Let’s be honest here: most of us are not up on the trends or current fashion must-haves, nor do we particularly care. Most of us do have preferences for what looks good on a woman and what our girl looks like in general.

Not only that but the more she thinks you enjoy a certain look she pulls off, the more confident she will be on your arm. And the happier any date is going to be. For that reason, it is important to tell her what you like, yes, but also what does not work for you. When you do this, surround the comment on a particular outfit with something positive about her. Try telling her that you do not like a particular dress because it does not show how awesome her figure is.

This tactic also works very well to keep the bill down. You can use this response instead of telling her something is too expensive. Take a look at the tags while she is changing or as you pass through the store. Try to keep track of where her tastes lie so you can redirect her to other, comparable but less expensive options.

Believe it or not, you can often get employees to help you with this. When she is off trying on clothing, especially if it is something rather expensive, try to get a sales clerk included. You can ask them to find something like the items she liked, but less expensive. Less work for you. Less chance you’ll be back on Canadian online dating sites because you said something rude to your date. Or came off as a cheapskate. Most of us try to avoid salespeople. But the truth of the matter is they know their store better than we do and will be willing to help.