While it might look amazing in a porno to have sex in a public place, that’s really not the best idea when it comes to the hookups that you’re having. Horrible sites like Meetic.com might tell you that it’s a blast to hookup and meet up with ladies in certain places, but they’re probably wrong, and that’s why we’re here to give you the advice that you really need. With the right place in mind, you’ll really be able to impress her, and she’ll want to keep coming back for more. With the wrong place, she’s going to be running for the hills, and we can’t really blame her. That’s why we’re here to help, and get you on the right track with locations.

Sex Clubs

For a lot of people, sex clubs can be something of a hit and miss sort of thing. We’ve met some horrible people from Meetic.com at these kinds of places before, but we’ve also been able to meet up with amazing people from the best online dating sites as well. With that in mind, it’s obviously all a crapshoot, and it also really depends on the sort of hookups that you want to have. Sex clubs are for people that are really open and incredibly casual, and if you really just want it to be a slam, bam, thank you ma’am sort of thing, then these are the kinds of places that we really think will work well for you.

Sex clubs are also great for the starts of threesomes. The best online dating sites out there will point you in the direction of sex clubs if you want to meet up with multiple women at once, as the ladies that meet up with men here are usually pretty open to different kinds of situations and different kinds of sex. Again, you do have to be careful with these places, as they also have a lot of lunatics lurking around in the corners. If you just have a hookup and you want to bring them somewhere, we can’t exactly recommend a sex club to you. They often start involving other people by simply being the kind of setting that propagates that kind of thing…so you might want to think twice about a sex club if you want a hookup that doesn’t necessarily end up in a threesome or orgy.

BDSM Dungeons

If you’re a BDSM lover or any kind of kinkster, we highly recommend BDSM dungeons. The best online dating sites will recommend these kinds of places as well, especially if you’re new to BDSM and really wanting to try out different things. You can usually meet some incredible hookups here, and your hookup–if she’s into BDSM at all–will be pretty thrilled if you recommend bringing her to a place like this. That’s because, for the most part, these are very clean, safe places to hookup and they often have some pretty strict rules for your safety as well.

We highly recommend BDSM dungeons, especially if you’re new to hooking up on the BDSM scene. While the dungeon masters at these kinds of places will have some strict rules, you can usually find out pretty quickly what those are, and make the best of the location for your own needs. There is a lot of furniture that you won’t have access to at home in these places, and you’ll also be able to get advice from other Dominants and submissives. If you have a regular hookup, you will be able to show them off at BDSM dungeons, and in general, these kinds of things lead to a lot of fun that you otherwise simply wouldn’t get to have. This is why we think these places rock, and that they will really work out well for most.

Hotels in General

You really can’t beat hotels for hookups. For the most part, we think that the actual meeting should start in the hotel bar, and once you’re done enjoying the food and drinks, you can move up to your hotel room. Hotels are great places for hookups as they’re very neutral territory, and most women will feel comfortable meeting you in a neutral, populated place like this. They aren’t going to be intimidated when ‘help’ is just right down the hall, and that means that she’ll relax much more quickly around you…and you’ll be able to have fun a lot faster.

There’s not much to caution about when it comes to hotels, which really is a good thing. The only thing is that they can definitely add up in price, so make sure that you aren’t always shelling out top dollar for the best hotel in town. While that’s nice once in a while, we really think you should keep it classy, but not to the point of breaking the bank. Most women will understand this as well, so just relax and have fun with her in this middle of the road sort of hookup location.

Public Parks

This is one of those places that a lot of people seem to think will be tons of fun…but trust us, it’s really not. This is the kind of place that will actually just get you caught and thrown in jail if you end up hooking up there, so skip the parks, and try to move onto somewhere that’s actually safe, fun, and not so PUBLIC. Trust us, it’s a bad idea, and it’s really just going to get you in trouble at the end of the day.

Your Car

Again, movies seem to make hooking up in cars look like such a good idea, but in fact, they’re the exact opposite. The only thing that is going to happen here is a lot of fogged up windows, awkward positions, and in general, bad situations that end up with the police knocking on the window and asking what in the world you’re doing in there. You really don’t want to be hauled in for something like this, so just get a hotel and skip the car ride entirely.

Your House

A lot of people bring their hookups to their homes, but we really don’t recommend this. It only works if you really have a regular hookup that you trust; otherwise, she’s just going to end up getting the wrong idea, especially if you do it on the first date. Bringing your hookup home makes it that much more personal, and if she ends up getting too clingy, you’re the one to blame in that situation. Get a hotel, go to a club, or do anything that just isn’t going to involve your own personal bedroom.

All in all, there are so many other places that are great for hookups and sex…and there are a ton of others that are just awful. At the end of the day, we highly recommend that you use your judgment, your discussions with your hookup, and the laws that relate to you in your area. Don’t get yourself in trouble just because you want to have sex; be smart about it, and above all, make sure that your hookup is comfortable, too. You want to both have fun, and don’t forget that fact.