Trying to encourage her to pick up your favorite hobbies can be trying at best. Simply put, not everyone is going to like the same things. However, when you find someone you can share some activities with, hanging out and finding things to do together becomes far easier. Not only that but dating someone who shares interests with you gives you both a far better chance of enjoying the relationship enough to continue it for a long while. You will have something in common, which as insignificant as it may seem, can aid in resolving any issues that come up. If nothing else, having something to fall back on for something to do, watch, or talk about can mean the difference between having a working relationship and one that just does not work out.

Start Small, Especially if She Isn’t into Sports

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to convincing girlfriends and wives to bother watching sports with us is jumping in feet first. We love watching for a good play and enjoy the game because we know what is going on. For someone new to the sport, they probably have little to no idea of what is actually going on. In fact, that easiest way to frustrate someone when introducing them to a new sport is making them watch a whole game with you in one go. Even if you take the time to explain everything that is going on, you usually end up in one of two scenarios. Either they are so overwhelmed by trying to keep up with what is actually happening and simultaneously listening to your explanations that they cannot enjoy the match itself, or they just tune everything out because they have no idea what is going on anyway and end up spending the entire time bored stiff.

Neither is going to get them interested enough to forgo having to find online dating site ratings by the end of the night. Instead, we strongly suggest taking this one step at a time. Just like good dating sites like will take things step by step from the creation of a profile to interacting with someone who matches what you’re looking for, so should you introduce her in a piecemeal fashion. For someone who is not generally into sports, or at least does not watch much of them, this part is especially critical. The thing is, she not only has no idea what is going on in that particular game, but she also has nothing else to fall back on. At least if you watch other types of sports you can follow another sportscast with some basis of understanding for when something is wrong and which words are probably sports specific jargon. When you have no such background, the entire production may as well be done in a foreign language.

So start with highlights. Show them the really impressive feats. Show her the funny ones. Show her the recent ones and the really well-known ones. Go for the weekly sports highlight reel and explain the scenario. Tell her why the buzzer beater was so important and how adrenaline filled the game was to get to that point. Explain why whoever ends up on the highlight is there. Was it amazing athleticism, really deep knowledge of the game, or just sheer dumb luck? Did you see it first hand? If so, why was it so different to see it happen in real time as opposed to highlights after the fact? If you can answer these questions in a way that introduces the content to her, you can at least manage to snag her interest for a short while at least.

Approach from an Angle She is Already Familiar with

This is something we tend to forget when it comes to convincing her to sit down with us since we already like the game. Just like finding one online dating site rating will never tell you the whole story, neither can we expect everyone to enjoy the same things as we do for the exact same reasons as well. Instead, it behooves us to consider her motivations and the hobbies she already has instead. This is particularly true in the case of the nerd or data geek who most people automatically assume would not be interested in the various sports matches just by way of not being interested in sports in general. Contrary to this belief, however, many people who are into strategy games, or other forms of hobbies that require attention to detail and extrapolation can be easily encouraged to watch a game if they are gathering data at the same time.

Ever heard of fantasy football or hockey? It comes from the combination of the tabletop role-playing game and the traditional world of sports. By appealing to people who would normally be spending their afternoons and evenings arguing over dice rolls, or leveling characters in a video game, they are instead drawn in by something similar that still encourages them to enjoy the sporting event, even if it is in a different way than we do. You can do this from multiple angles as well. If she enjoys sewing, find some patterns for your favorite teams. If she is a history buff, go through sports trivia with her. The entire point is to look at the things she is already interested in for inspiration. Find what it is that keeps her attention already and you will find a way to make sitting and watching a game with you exciting for her.

Be Prepared to Do Something She Likes in Return

Lastly, and something we cannot stress enough is just being prepared to return the favor. At least spend as much time as you did finding an online dating site rating in the first place. Convincing her through bouts of highlight reels and explaining all the different intricacies of the rules is not going to be enough by itself. It is one thing to introduce her to something because you honestly think she would enjoy it. It is entirely another to try and get her interested in the same things as you are. The latter is far more for your own sake than hers, and you both have to be comfortable with that to even try.

So be prepared to try something she wants you to do as well. If you do not at least seem willing to give something a shot, this whole attempt is going to come off far more self-centered than it entirely needs to be. Instead, tell her about how much you enjoy the game and compare it with something she does that she really likes but is still separate of you. Chances are, she may have already tried to get you to participate, so use this to your advantage. Absolutely bargain here. Show her something and teach her about something you like, but offer to do the same for her, and actually really try. Don’t just show up and walk through the motions if you expect more from her and you will be surprised at how big of a difference that can make.