Fine wines improve with age, and women see men the same way. To some extent, it’s true. We are definitely better at life once we age, at least after we get past the frat boy phase and start learning how to really seduce women and know what they want. All the mysteries of your younger years, when you tried to gain women’s interest or have the hottest hookups, are solved by the time you’re an adult. Well, a lot of them, at least. No one expects you to turn into Don Juan. We definitely didn’t, but we did learn how to impress women, and how to use age to our advantage over other guys.

One of the major hurdles a lot of guys face is that we were never explicitly instructed about the definition of true manhood, and we need to figure it out for ourselves, according to That sounds like it might be easy, but a lot of women on even top Internet dating websites send mixed signals. They want a man’s man, but only if he’s man enough to cry. They want a sensitive guy, but only if he can chop wood in subzero weather wearing flannel.

The bonus to getting older is knowing how to handle those expectations, and how to be the adult guy that a woman wants to date, even if she doesn’t know it. She might say she wants an imaginary man she’s made up, but then when she actually meets a real man, she’s blown away. Here are five tactics you can use to be that mature guy she’s not expecting.

Good Food, Not Flashy

The traditional date in the Western world, including Windsor, is dinner and a movie. While many couples prefer to do more unique activities, this old formula actually makes a lot of sense. Dinner is for conversation, and a movie is to save you if dinner fails. At least then you also get your money’s worth, because you get to see a movie. Most top Internet dating websites give dating ideas that have to do with flowers and romance, but when you’re a real man, you use your taste and skills of refinement. Forget movies and boring dinners. What will really impress a woman is if you actually know something about food, and you want to share your knowledge with her.

This isn’t to say that you should be cocky. Women can’t stand egotistical men. There’s a difference between being a know-it-all and an enthusiast, and obviously, you want to be the latter. An adult man can recommend a good restaurant and talk about it with confidence. We’re not even talking about making things up, either. Every guy has a restaurant he likes, even if it’s just burgers fries. The point here is confidence, and not relying solely on an expensive restaurant to impress her. Dinner is way more impressive if you can talk about persuasively about the food and your interest in the culinary arts than if you drop a mint on a steak.

Showing off Your Career

This is a good tactic if your career plays a big role in your life, and not so much if you just have a day job you don’t care about. If you work in a field you’re passionate about, though, and it defines a big part of you, show it off. Take her on a date to a fun event that you might have tickets to. For example, even if you’re just in business, take a date you particularly want to impress to your black-tie gala. If you work in the cultural field, take her to a museum opening or opening night at the symphony. Take advantage of the fact if you know people to give her a special tour.

Whatever it is that you do if you want to showcase it as a strength, milk it for all it’s worth. A man with a serious career is truly an adult, and not only exhibits someone well along in their life but also that you have a passion for what you do. There are lots of different jobs in Windsor, but if you really care about yours, go ahead and invite her into your world if the opportunity arises.

Culture Is Sexy

This is a no-brainer. Culture is sexy and only adults enjoy culture. It’s really simple. No frat boy is going to take his girlfriend or date to a museum for an afternoon of art or go to some sort of artsy event. Women don’t want to date a guy who’s drinking out of a keg in his late 30s, and even if she’s not interested in art, the fact you can display refined tastes says that you’re a grown-up. Art can also be fun, even if it’s not your thing. Museums are designed to cater to everyday visitors, and there are tons of different types.

You don’t even have to go to an art museum. If you’d rather go to a science museum or aquarium, that works, too. The point is that you’re showing her you enjoy participating in intelligent and meaningful activities when you have free time, and you don’t waste it trying to do keg stands.

This is also an indicator that you have a brain. Guys that don’t have any real interests and spend all their time doing basically nothing are not attractive to women. Being an adult means you have legitimate interests and passions you pursue, whether it’s a hobby or just visiting a meaningful, educational destination. Real men have a lifestyle, and not just a life that involves being awake.

Afternoon in the Park

Another huge indicator of being an adult is knowing the value of inviting a woman on a date during the day. Traditionally, dates do take place in the evening, and that’s a perfectly fine expectation. However, when you invite a woman out during the day, it says that you’re not trying to get into her pants immediately and that you’re actually interested in getting to know her.

Even if you’re only looking for a hookup, real men don’t just hump women’s legs like dogs. That’s what women expect from men, so if you don’t do it, she’s going to be impressed. When you’re young and you don’t know how to get what you want, you just end up trying really hard. Women get sick of this after a few years because they’ve moved on. If you show her that you’re not obsessed with sex and single-minded, she’s going to appreciate it.

Take her out during the day to a park or some other type of outdoor activity and make the most of the daylight.

Day Trips Are for Men

Travel is a very adult activity, and inviting a woman on a day trip can be a great way to get to know her better. You can even list on your profile on top Internet dating websites that you’re interested in travel and meet someone who has the same passion. A day trip is going somewhere you’ve never been, but not staying over. Usually, a day trip can be based around a destination that’s close by or has some particular point of interest.

The beauty of a day trip is that it shows you have a sense of adventure, but not in a way that involves getting drunk and trying to go streaking on the beach. Women love things like day trips, and if they can enjoy it with you, they’re going to think of you as an adult with adult pursuits.