It’s hard to meet available women who are both serious about dating and quality human beings. Traditional dating sites stop cutting it after a while after you’ve been around the block. When you try the best long-term dating or “matchmaking” sites, you’ll find a different world of results. You don’t have to worry about first dates that are awkward. You won’t meet people you have nothing in common with.

Matchmaking is a great strategy for dating only women that are compatible with you. There’s no reason to waste your time trying to find a long-term relationship match. Especially when there are already sites out there that will do it for you.

But, once you find a suitable woman you’d like to meet up with in person, you still have to heed the old rules of the chase. You should go on a date having at least some idea of what you want. Even if you’re not sure about long term versus short term dating, knowing that you’re open to either is a good start. Here are four tips about letting her know you’re serious and not looking for a casual hookup.

Do: Offer to Foot the Dinner Bill

When you take a woman on a dinner date, don’t let her split it with you. This is true even if she’s a modern, sophisticated lady who has enough of her own money. Paying for dinner is a gentleman’s gesture. Of course, if she insists on contributing, don’t insult her by saying no. The point is to show her that you’re able to be a gentleman. If she enjoys chivalry, then she’ll appreciate this trait a great deal.

Although many women today profess not to need men, some of them still enjoy a little pampering. When you’re using the best matchmaking sites online you can find women in sync with your level of chivalry. If you’re searching for an independent woman with whom you can split the bill, you’ll find her. But you’ll also be able to find someone who wants to be treated like a lady. Either way, a good gesture to show her that you’re serious about showing her a good time. So make a genuine offer to pay the check.

Don’t: Invite Her Back to Your Place

You want a woman to feel like she’s desired, but the worst thing you can do is invite her back to your place on the first date. It will infer the idea that you’re only interested in a casual hookup. Although you might be into short term dating, you don’t want her to think you’re using her. There are lots of women online you can meet for casual sex, but only a few who you will click with long-term.

When you sleep with a woman on the first date, you start out on the wrong foot if you want to go on another date. She thinks that’s all you were after, or that she’ll even lose her appeal because you went too fast. Unless you set out to find a one night stand, you shouldn’t indulge in one. You could be throwing away the woman of your dreams by giving into your baser instincts. Giving it enough time to get to know her. Inviting her back to your place is always a terrible idea on a first, and sometimes even on a second, date.

Do: Ask Her for Another Date

You’ve met a woman whom you’re interested in on the best matchmaking sites the Internet has to offer. Now, you need to make sure you follow up the right way. Don’t leave it to chance that you’ll be able to make plans with her after you say goodnight on her doorstep. Women are always waiting for something, whether it’s another date, a kiss, or a polite good night. They always expect something to happen.

If you don’t give a successful date a stamp of approval by inviting her out again right then, it’s like a death sentence. Give it some time, though. Wait until the end of the night. It’s easy to get too wrapped up in the idea that you need to grab onto the first attractive women you meet.

Feel her out during dinner, or whatever your date entails. Think about whether you’d like to see her again. Look for details in your conversation. Decide whether you’re actually finding things to talk about. Consider her physical appearance, and whether you find her attractive. Attraction comes in all shapes and sizes. If a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean you’re going to find her attractive.

You need to think about all these things long and hard before deciding to maintain a connection. But, once you do, do it fast. As soon as you’re done with dinner and you drop her off, immediately tell her you’d like to see her again. It’s also important to remain direct about it. Don’t leave the possibility of a second date in her hands. It’s difficult for many women to take the initiative. State your feelings and thoughts, and let her respond. This will clear the way to ask for a second date.

Don’t: Play It Too Cool

When you’re interested in a woman, don’t act like you’re not. Aloofness is a quality valued by younger people who don’t actually understand how sex and love works. So, if you’re on a date with a woman you got matched with and you’re enjoying her company, be clear about it.

Now, don’t go overboard and start acting like you’re going to propose marriage. But don’t let your demeanor fool her into thinking that you’re not interested. Some people are great at reading body language, and some people are terrible. Always go by the rule of thumb that women aren’t even going to read your body language. They’re focusing on your words too much to worry about your posture, and that’s why you have to reassure them.

Women are fragile in some ways and very strong in others. They’re good at taking care of other people. But they can be bad at interpreting when other people enjoy their own company. This is especially true when it comes to men. So much advice you’re given leads you to believe that hard to get is good. In reality, it’s not, especially when you’re dealing with slightly older women. They’re experienced enough to know if you’re trying to play off your attraction with nonchalance. If anything, they may get irritated and feel like they wasted their time.

Don’t disappoint a quality woman. She’s likely waiting for you to make a move. Women hate rejection as much as men. So they often won’t take risks to put themselves out there by asking for another date. Of course, you need to read your date’s response to you and ensure that she feels a sense of connection if you do.

But once you establish this, you need to forge ahead without hesitation. The more confident you are about your attraction, the more confident she’ll feel admitting the same.