Just managing to get her interested in your favorite game is not going to make her suddenly as obsessed with it as you. Nor will it make it more likely for her to even understand why you want to spend so much time playing it or get her to play it with you. The key to keeping her interest it finding her something she is either good at, or she has fun doing just as much as you.

Of course, just being good at something does not immediately mean she is having fun, either, so just finding one class or character she happens to be good at playing in a game, especially if it is team-based, often won’t be enough to keep her playing. Above all, be willing to try all of the options unless she specifically tells you to back off. As with most things that we introduce our girlfriends to, time and patience are the most important factors.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master is a Successful Model for a Reason

When you first start any game that has multiple ways of playing through it, really try to find something that matches the easy to learn, hard to master design. This will give her something to start with that makes it comfortable for her to play the game, but also allows her to grow into it if she decides to stick with a class. An easy to understand class, while a lot less complex overall, allows the player to really enjoy the game foremost rather than investing in how to play it.

So start with something easy that allows her to get her feet wet without feeling like she is completely in over her head. Most games have a standard or recommended class for newcomers and sticking with that suggestion, is usually the best choice to make when it comes to making sure she is more focused on having fun than getting the controls perfect.

Start with Pure Classes That have a Clear Design

To put it simply, don’t jump straight from reading about Canadian dating site reviews to encouraging hybrid play styles. The traditional group roles are strong for a reason. Not only do they allow the game designers to focus their abilities and how the game will revolve around that kind of play, but it also allows the player to focus specifically on one primary tactic. So when you are first introducing someone to a new game, stay away from classes with hybrid playing styles and stick to the simpler, focused guidance of the classic melee, ranged, caster and physical damage classes most games will feature to some extent.

No matter how hybridized the game, there will always be classes designed to take damage, give damage, and heal damage. Likewise, there will usually be classes designed to fit those three roles up close or at a distance. When you start meshing anything in those two groups, such as the distances at which you handle things, or what it is you do in a fight, things start getting more complicated and each move becomes less potent. Thus, she will not only have a clear role to direct herself along, but also feel as though she is having less of an effect on the game overall. Neither of which are conducive to having a good time.

Of these choices, we hands down suggest starting with a class designed to deal damage. Especially for people new to games or this one, in particular, going for this kind of straight forward damage dealing class is a good way to give them direction without necessarily having to coach them through it step by step. Most people know, whether they have ever played a game before in their life or not, that you are supposed to defeat the other characters on the screen in some way.

Having a class designed more around getting that accomplished is going to give them more confidence overall in their gameplay. This, in turn, makes them less likely to become too frustrated with learning the mechanics or being unable to kill things quickly to enjoy the game. When it comes down to it, healers and tanks, generally do not proceed through games of any sort at a quick pace. In addition, even though they are pure roles and generally have straight forward classes, you have to do more to fulfill the fundamental task of defeating enemies. So pick a damage dealer and get her to try that for a bit.

Play to Her Preferences

Spend at least as much time getting to know her gameplay preferences as you did searching for Canadian dating site reviews and you should be capable of figuring out what she prefers to play and what she just is not going to like. This starts with a very basic question of distance. Did you meet her jumping head first into the Winnipeg nightlife? Does she always seem to be very upfront, energetic, or just generally in your face about things? Give her a melee character.

Chances are, she is going to expect her characters to get up close to whatever the mess is that she has to wade through and staying at a distance is just going to frustrate her. Finding a straight forward melee damage dealer in most games should be very easy. They tend to be one of the first characters available, if you have to unlock things, and very straight forward to people who have never played the game before.

If, however, she is frequently confused by where her character is, out of the masses on the screen, or has already played other games and knows she prefers to stay at a distance, then go for a ranged damage dealer. Casters should really only be selected when you know for a fact that she has a tendency to play them. Just like comparing Canadian dating site reviews to find the best website, you can expect preferences from casters to only come from someone who has played their fair share of games beforehand.

In most cases, even if she seems to prefer her distance in day-to-day life and likes to analyze situations before getting involved, giving her a ranged damage dealer should be kept to physical damage that includes a lot of basic attacks and not a lot of cooldowns. This maintains the idea of the easy to learn class while still giving her something she enjoys playing.

Encourage Her to Try Different Classes

For a lot of people, trying a new game that someone else wants to play with you can be more stressful than enjoyable. Especially if it is a team game that they want you to have a basic level of competency in. That is why we really emphasize the importance of sticking to something she actually enjoys playing and making sure she tries all of the options before settling on something. Unless she really dislikes the class she started on, chances are she is going to want to stick what is now familiar without a little push to find the class she really enjoys playing. So give her that push and make sure she lands with a character she actually enjoys.