Sealing the deal with a woman online and getting her to agree to meet you for a hookup is a thrilling moment. After all the work you’ve put in on your profile and sending out messages, you’re ready for a payoff. That could be especially true if it’s been a while since you first start looking. It might have even been a struggle to find a legit dating site online when there’s so much useless crap out there. Now, though, you’re finally ready to take the plunge!

Imagine this scenario, though. You start meeting up with this woman and hooking up with her on the regular. Things are going pretty great. The sex is fun, and she’s not that bad outside the bedroom, either. Suddenly, though, things take a turn for the worse. Before you know it, she’s going crazy! You don’t know what it was that you said or did, but something set her off! She’s screaming about ruining your life one minute and then crying about how she wants to be with you forever the next. What are you going to do about this disaster?

You need to be able to bail out right away. Don’t stick around to get burned, and don’t try to keep sleeping with her. When your hookup turns out to be too much to handle, you can’t be a hero. It’s not worth it. You aren’t getting anything out of that! Instead, you need to have an escape route so you can leave her in the dust. The sooner you can put her in the past, the better. Ready to get prepared? Try one of these methods for making a quick escape.

Have a Friend On Standby to Help You Out

Did you get suckered by some old hag using a fake picture on First of all, you should take away a valuable lesson from that experience. That’s the sort of thing that happens when you don’t make a good effort to find a quality dating site. Now, how are you going to get away from her without any more awkwardness? Try phoning a friend. If you’re smart, you’ll tell a bro where you’re going to be before you head to meet her. That’s a good habit you should have anyway. It could save your bacon in a ton of dicey situations.

Make an excuse to go to the bathroom and get in touch with your buddy. Tell him you’ve got a crazy catastrophe on your hands and you need help. With a little bit of creative thinking, the two of you can come up with a plan for getting out of there. Maybe he’ll call you and give you an excuse to leave. Maybe he’ll show up and knock on the door to create a distraction. While she’s going to see who it is, you can escape out a window! Hop into your friend’s waiting car and roar off into safety.

Pretend to Dial the Emergency Services

Sometimes you can defuse a drama bomb by threatening to get the authorities involved. If your hookup is throwing a fit and she won’t stop, it can be pretty scary. If there’s no escape route available, don’t panic. Start telling her that you’re calling the cops. Grab your mobile phone and act like you’re dialing the number right then! If that doesn’t immediately get her to start apologizing, keep up the ruse. Pretend to have a conversation with them. Tell them you’re stuck with a lady who has gone completely nuts and you’re afraid for your life! Demand the police send someone immediately. At that point, she should give up. No one wants to get arrested over a fight with their fling. In the event that she still doesn’t give up, though, you should probably call the cops for real.

Act Like Someone Just Died

This one is a classic. Act like you’re getting a call on your phone and ask to take it. Step away and fake a conversation with a relative. To your shock, someone that you love very much has died! What a shame! It’s awful, and now you’re really upset. Wrap up your phone conversation and then turn back to your crazy hookup. Tell her that someone is dead. If you can’t think of a relative’s name on the spot, try something else. Maybe you remember the name of someone whose profile you checked out online on a dating site instead. Go for it! Toss their name out there and say they just kicked the bucket. You’re so upset! They were a great friend and mentor. You can’t stand the thought of doing anything now, so you’ve got to go home. Leave immediately before she can even say anything. If you’re good at crocodile tears, now is an excellent time to turn on the waterworks.

Start Behaving Like You’re Going Crazy Too

In some situations, the only real way to win is to fight fire with fire. When all else fails, you can just act like the weirdos you see on Since they’re the exact opposite of the kind of people you should be dating, it won’t be hard to pretend to be like them. Your goal here is to freak out the woman you’re with so much that she stops acting insane. Start wailing and yelling. It doesn’t matter what you say. You could even just make weird, loud noises that don’t make any sense. Throw yourself onto the ground and try rolling around.

If she’s still going after you, break out the big guns. Try tearing your shirt off in an impressive display of manly rage. Smash some things and wave your arms all over the place! By now she should be really scared of you. That’s your cue to leave. Don’t worry about her anymore. After a display like that, she’ll never bother you with her crazy antics again.

Get Someone Else to Calm Her Down

If you like to go out to eat with the girl you hook up with, sometimes bad things can happen. Maybe you said the wrong thing or told her a joke that she didn’t like. Regardless of what it was, she’s on the warpath and you’re right in her sights. If you don’t handle the situation right away, she’s gonna run you down like a freight train in front of everyone. Think fast! Quickly enlist the help of another patron or a bystander. Explain that you need help calming her down while you tend to an emergency. Bring them to her right away and then walk away very fast. Escape to the parking lot and get in your car!

While they’re busy handling her explosion of crazy behavior, you’ll be cruising on your way back home. Forget about her. What’s the point in hooking up with a girl if you can’t even take her out into public? What an embarrassment. At least you got out of there in time. Once you’re home again, you can always just log on to your favorite dating site online and start browsing again. After all, you can’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. There’s always a better hookup out there to find!