Some Canadians have to rely on online personals for their dating, but even or eHarmony doesn’t solve everything. Dating online will get you to meet the lady, but what do you do after that? Shell out the big bucks on a string of dates just to get to know her more? You could do that, or you could do even better. She doesn’t have to know that you aren’t throwing down a lot of cash to take her out. That means you can afford to take her on some cheaper dates. With the right know-how and location, you can take her out for cheap and still impress her.

Ice Skating

Some places get cold enough to get out there on a lake or in the rink to have a good old-fashioned skating date. Hopefully, you’ll already know how, but there’s never a better time to learn than when you’re already out there trying not to fall too hard. She’ll laugh and have a good time whether you’re a pro or not. Plus cold conditions like this lend themselves very nicely to hand-holding and snuggling after you get off of the ice.


If you’re lucky enough you’ll find yourself a lady who’s down with some of the more manlier activities out there then head down to the pub. An evening filled with beer, pool, and darts can be really fun together and there will be some competition between the two of you. If she doesn’t know how to play then all the better. You can get behind her and show her some moves.

Visit an Open House

This is a really fun and quirky idea that she’ll go for if she has a sense of humor. Dress up as very serious adults and go be snooty in those big houses for sale. Of course, you won’t actually be buying, but don’t use your real names anyway. Laugh at other people’s decorations and argue about what colors you’d paint it to make others uncomfortable. It’s also a really fun place to people watch since couples tend to bring out a different side of themselves when they’re house shopping.

A Picnic

Such a classy date, the picnic is the easiest way to get food in your bellies while hanging out. It’s also one of the top-rated ideas on many Canadian online personal dating sites. Collaborate or decide on your own where you’re going to enjoy the views and snack together. It’s not gourmet but it is cheap and leads you to a ton of new places to hike and run around outside.

A Themed Date

Taking a lady out for the classic Americana ‘50s date can be cheap and cheesy, both of which she’ll love. A couple of milkshakes or root beer floats from a role-playing employee will go further than $10 would normally get you. If she’s into it she can even wear a poodle skirt or something. You can do this with lots of different eras or genres. James Bond night with home-made martinis, a Western movie and old-fashioned biscuits with gravy for another are all easy to do and don’t cost much.

Cook for Her

This is a time-honored way to have a date with your woman and impress her. Why is that? Because a man who can cook ranks high on a woman’s list for being turned on and useful. It’s the best of two worlds. Of course, you’ve got to have some skill with this. Luckily for you there are tons of easy recipes online that are sure to do the trick.

The Shelter

Not the homeless shelter, the one with cute animals in it. Obviously, this date only works if she actually likes animals. If she does, this is just about the best date you can take her on. The entry fee is totally free, she goes squealy over the animals, and they get someone to give them love. She might feel sad that a lot of these cats and dogs get put down, but maybe she’ll end up adopting one. Just make sure she doesn’t try to get you to do the same.

Make Her Laugh

Comedy clubs are fun, but often cost a ton of money (that’s without drinks). Instead, try to find a joke shop. They’re rare but they do exist. The oddities inside will keep you laughing or teasing for at least an hour. For a bonus, you should keep an eye out for the items that she seems to especially like. You can offer to buy them for her or you can do it on the sly later. That will make you look attentive and sweet.

To the Theater

Take her out to your local live theater. The tickets will probably be cheaper than a movie and the entertainment value will be better. Not everyone gets to experience theater this way so it might even be a first for her. A comedy would probably be better than Shakespeare for a first date since the entertainment value will be higher for those who are new to this sort of thing. Even cooler, you almost always get to meet the cast afterward.

Get Lost…Together

You might want to do this one in the daylight or early evening. Drop your car off in a parking garage, grab some cash, and take a walk. The two of you can get lost in the city together. Most places have tourist traps and typical restaurants, but wandering around without your GPS is a surefire way to find an interesting shop tucked away in the corner that you didn’t know was there. Even if you don’t find the next Gypsy Madame Cynthia’s Palm Reading it can still be a fun way to do something out of the ordinary.

Try Each Other’s Thing

When you really want to get to know the other person, try their hobby. She might take you to her pottery class and you could get her out on the ice for a round of hockey. It’s going to feel awkward at first since you haven’t done it before but this can be one of the best dates that you’ll end up doing. Most classes that offer pottery, yoga, and the like are very cheap or often have visitor nights where you only pay for the materials. Try to think of the cheapest way to try your hobby, even if you just get a hunk of clay and do it at her place.

Game Night

If you and your lady are ready for a night in, why not bust out the board games? You don’t have to turn to Monopoly, there are tons of different board games now that can be really fun together. Settlers of Catan, Last Night on Earth, etc. are all options for the two of you to spend some competitive time together.

Finding your date on Canadian personals online can be cheap or free, so follow that trend when you start to plan the time you’ll spend together. It doesn’t take a lot to keep her happy and most of the time these cheap or free dates can actually be more fun than a dinner and movie combo. Plus she’ll think that you’re creative and fun. It’s win-win all the way around.