Every woman wants to be romantic on one level or another. It’s an inherent desire to feel desired and to feel intimacy in a way guys never will. Tapping into this romanticism will turn her on in ways you can only imagine. Building a fire to snuggle by is one of the best ways you can engage her intimate side. You’re going to do something more than talk about the weather.

To make sure you’re getting everything you can out of the fire, have everything you need to keep the fire going. Then set a place to snuggle by the fire, and have something to eat and drink while by the fire. This’ll assure she is having the best time with you and will help you to have a better chance at taking it to the next level.

Keep the Fire Going

The last thing you want is to have to run outside and get more firewood. You also don’t want to run out of wood and watch as the fire dies in front of your eyes. If you have a wood fireplace, stock up on extra wood to keep the fire burning for hours, or even all night. This way, whenever the fire starts to die down, you can toss another log on the fire. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure you have something in place to distribute the heat as well as a wood fire can. You do not have the benefit of coals, so make sure you have a vent to warm you both by the fire.

Have a Place to Snuggle

While it is acceptable to sit on the floor, you do not want to ask your date to sit on the bare floor. Have something, like a blanket or a rug, for her to sit on while you enjoy the fire. Make sure it is big enough for the two of you. But, with some extra room for moving around and turning around as you’ll most likely not be staying in the same place. You may think it’d be good to have comfortable chairs close to the fire. But if you are not sitting next to her, it may prevent you from sharing an intimate moment together.

Get Something to Eat and Drink

As you are watching the fire, make sure you have something for your date to drink and a snack. Something like strawberries and champagne can be fun. On cold nights, you can bring out some coffee or hot chocolate to warm up. If you have a gas fireplace, you might even consider bringing out everything you need to make s’mores with.

Try to be creative and fun when you’re considering what you’ll eat and drink together. The more fun she’s having, the more likely your date will go beyond sitting together and watching the fire. If you’re unsure what to give her, provide her some options. But keep in mind, the more you take charge of the fire, the more willing she’ll be to let you take charge later.