A lot of people put aside aromatherapy as something that’s for hippies. That really doesn’t need to be the case, especially considering how much it can really effect moods, and in this case, the moods of your lady. When you’re reading reviews of online dating sites, you might find yourself wondering how you can really stand out in the crowd–and trust us, aromatherapy is one of those ways that will really give your woman a way to never forget your evening. If you know how to really incorporate it in the bedroom, you’ll find yourself spoiling her rotten, which is exactly what she’s going tow ant out of an evening with you.

Learn About the Meanings of Scents

The thing about aromatherapy is that you do need to do a bit of research. Reviews of online dating sites aren’t really going to give you the kind of material on this that you really need, and that’s why it’s going to take a bit more effort on your part in order to incorporate this into the bedroom. Fortunately, it’s worth it. Bringing the right scents into your sex dating can really make a difference when it comes to the ladies that you’re with, and you’ll really be able to impress her with your knowledge. The right aromatherapy info underneath your belt can make the difference between a hookup that impresses her, and one that makes her want to roll her eyes to the sky and leave you far, far behind.

There are dozens upon dozens of different aromatherapy scents that you can get into when it comes to sex. It honestly all depends on what your hookup likes, and what you prefer as well. If you’re looking for specific meanings, then you’ll really be able to delve into different aspects of her senses. This is where your research will come in, and we do mean research beyond reviews of online dating sites. Once you at least have picked out a few scents, you can really start putting aromatherapy to use in the bedroom in a number of ways.


One of the best uses of aromatherapy in the bedroom can be brought out through a sensual massage. While we know you’re not going to be picking up your dates on horrible websites like POF.com and trying to give them a full-body massage, the best dates out there will still appreciate a sensual massage that really makes them feel like a pampered princess. This is what you should really think about utilizing aromatherapy for because you’ll definitely be able to spoil her while still utilizing the idea of aromatherapy in a smart way.

When it comes to massages, you want to get oils that are specifically designed to be used on the body. By doing this, you’ll make it that much easier to keep your hookup safe and sound from any allergic reactions. Any straight-up oils can often be harmful, and that’s why you should always use a carrier oil such as almond oil or some other equivalent.

Scent is ultimately up to what you want to accomplish in the bedroom. We know that sites like POF.com aren’t going to be able to tell you anything regarding aromatherapy, but this is why you have to think about how you want to spoil your woman. Do you want her to relax after a long day? Do you really want to fire her up? Do you want to bring out different levels of arousal that she’s never experienced before? By determining what you want to see out of her in the bedroom, you’ll really be able to determine what scents to use in the bedroom and during the massage.

Bath Salts

Baths are another amazing way to utilize aromatherapy. While it might seem somewhat cliche to use a romantic bath in your hookup, a lot of women really do enjoy and appreciate this sort of thing. They will get to relax at the end of a long day, and they’ll definitely be able to enjoy it when you’re utilizing aromatherapy in a way that they can submerge themselves within.

The other thing about aromatherapy and bathing is that it can be incredibly relaxing. This can help them unwind from a long day of work, and it can really rejuvenate them when it comes to readying themselves for an evening out. They’ll feel fresher and more relaxed, depending on the kinds of aromatherapy that you choose to employ, and we’ve personally found that bath salts seem to do this in the bathroom faster than anything else.

Obviously, it doesn’t just have to be bath salts added to a hot, steaming bath. You can utilize bath oils or any other kinds of soaps, shampoos, and body lotions or butters. This can be a real pampering treat for any woman, and that’s why you should always choose carefully when it comes to your aromatherapy needs in the bath. If you choose wisely, you’ll really be able to spoil her and make her feel as though she’s wrapped up in a blanket of rejuvenation that makes her ready for an amazing evening after that.

Candles and Incense

One of the most traditional ways to bring about aromatherapy in our lives is through candles and incense. Most women really do enjoy the atmosphere that a burning candle brings, and others really do like the smoky sensuality of incense in the bedroom. This is something that you can bring into your sex dates very easily, and often without feeling that you’re going overboard. There are few women that are going to get the wrong impression with this sort of thing; they’ll just think that you’re setting the mood for one hell of an evening.

We do want to caution against burning too much incense, however. If you are with someone that has sensitive sinuses, for example, you really don’t want to cloud the room with a ton of smoke. That’s just going to end up irritating her, and it’s not going to make her all that aroused; it’ll just make her want to flee the scene faster than later. Candles are often a much better choice, and even if that irritates, wax tarts are something else you can think to try. Just make sure that the concentrations of actual oil in the candles and tarts are adequate, or the effects of aromatherapy really won’t be able to shine as needed.

All in all, aromatherapy can be an incredibly beneficial tool when it comes to any sort of hookup or sex dating scenario. It’s all a matter of doing your research, however, and that’s why we highly recommend you take the time to find out what will work best for both you and your woman. Find out what she likes, what she needs, and then take the time to apply that to your next hookup. By doing so, it will be incredibly clear that you’re actually catering to her needs and helping her out. It won’t just be about sex; it’ll be beneficial for both of you, and trust us, that really goes a long way in being able to get what you want out of your sex dates. She’ll love it, and come back for more.