If you are new to the scene, or just getting back into the swing of things after an extended absence, it can be tempting to just dive right in without a second thought. Tempting, but ultimately detrimental to getting what you want. Whether you met her after an extensive search of popular sex dating reviews or were looking to score from the Sunderland bar crawl, packing for success is the only way you can guarantee you will have it. This means not only assuming things are going to go in your favor but keeping something on hand just in case they even outdo your own expectations. Remember, confidence is sexy and being prepared for what follows can turn her from a one night stand into a repeat hook up.

Absolutely Never Forget Condoms

This should be a no-brainer, but in a world of birth control and expectation that she is going to be supporting herself, there are many of us who seem to think she is going to have her bases covered no matter what. The fact of the matter is, female birth control is only so effective and it is not really helping protect you against anything else. Going “au naturale” might be appealing for sensation, but when it comes to safety it’s got nothing on a decent condom.

There is also the fact that, well, some of us are just bigger than others. They make different sized condoms for a reason. Now, who do you expect to know your dick size better, you, or some girl you just met? We hope you just agreed you would know, but in case you didn’t: it will always be you. More than likely, you will also be on top of things like allergies. Latex is a common one and can you guess what condoms are most frequently made out of? This should be old hat to anyone familiar with dealing with this, but worth a mention nevertheless. Long story short? Don’t be stupid: bring your own protection.

Lube for You and Her

Now we start to get into things that may be considered optional, but which will almost always make everything better. The number one part of this category? Lube. Let’s be honest: how easily she gets excited and how slick she gets from it is going to vary from person to person. This is just another scenario of not depending on her to take care of everything. If you come prepared, you will leave happy.

No amount of popular sex dating reviews will let you predict when and where you will need lube for a hookup, especially a spontaneous one, so just get in the habit of having some on hand and you (and she) will always appreciate your forethought. Plus, you never know when she might be up for a little backdoor play. Anyone who likes a little creativity between the sheets will be able to come up with hundreds of ways to make good use of lube, so we don’t think a list is exactly needed. The long and short of it? Lube will always pay off, so come prepared and have some fun.

When Toys Should Be Considered

Now we come to trickier stuff: toys and what is appropriate to bring to a hook up with someone you only just met. We have two main points when it comes to this section. The first is how likely you are to need them. While not every site that caters to Sunderland is necessarily geared towards a particular kink, if you really need a particular fantasy fulfilled, it is always a good idea to start your search there. That way, if you met her through a site for a particular kink, you can assume that any accessories need to fulfill it are worthwhile to bring.

Does this necessarily mean you should only bring them when this is the case? Not really, but this is the most obvious time to pack them. When it comes down to it, however, we really suggest getting in the habit of having them in your bag anyway. Not only does it make it less likely for you to forget something when you are meeting someone explicitly for the purpose of fulfilling your fantasy, but it also makes it easier to take advantage of any other opportunities that might present themselves.

We mention this specifically for the chance to really have some fun regardless of what scenario you end up in or how. The thing is, any time you are hooking up with someone, the dynamics and the moment can change any plans you might have otherwise had. Not being prepared to take advantage of them is going to leave with regrets and who needs that from an activity that is supposed to be purely for our enjoyment? Make sure you are thoroughly cleaning everything after every session, however, and that anything that goes inside someone stays with them after the fact.

Learning to keep a throwaway sex toy on hand if you like using it on your partners is a really good habit to get into. Not only do you avoid disgusting and potentially dangerous situations on the off chance you forget to or cannot properly sanitize something between sessions, but most women are going to like any present they get, even if that come in the form of a cheap dildo from an internet hook up. Whatever. It got her off, didn’t it? Things on the outside, like cuffs and rope, however, are usually perfectly washable, so just stay on top of that sort of thing if you aren’t feeling particularly generous.

Toiletries and Other Survival Basics

Lastly, we come to the items that have more to do with what happens after hooking up than enjoying yourself during it. The thing is, these are just as important afterward as looking up popular sex dating reviews beforehand. While how important this sort of thing is to you will ultimately depend on your day to day activities and how likely you are to need to really clean up afterward, is another one of those things that it is just best to get in the habit of having on hand. When it comes down to it, having a good time is just as much about knowing you have nothing else to worry about as it is enjoying yourself at that moment. Most of the time, one is going to facilitate the other.

Likewise, knowing you have what essentially amounts to an overnight bag on hand at any given time, will make you a lot more flexible with your scheduling. Especially for those of us with particularly hectic schedules, this might be the only way to slip a few hours of fun in. After all, if you are stuck with only a brief time period in-between jobs, you can’t very well run off to an extended BDSM session without knowing you will be able to leave looking just as socially presentable as when you got there. As always, it all comes down to maximizing your chances. The more effort you put in before you actually hook up, the more you will be able to really enjoy the moment when it is happening.