Taking a woman out for an elegant dinner is a time-honored tradition. It’s a great way to get to know her in a relaxed but somewhat intimate setting. If you end up kicking off a steady dating relationship with her, then you’ll have a great first memory, too. One of the memories you should make centers around your conversation. You want to be able to talk casually and easily with your date about a wide range of subjects. That keeps things interesting and the evening flowing smoothly.

If you can’t hold your own when talking to her, she’s not going to be very interested in you. Don’t rush home to leave a bad rating for your online dating site just because you didn’t know how to talk to her. If she didn’t enjoy chatting with you, you have to ask yourself, what went wrong?

The best answer is the simplest one: you talked about something you shouldn’t have. It’s true. There are some topics that are off limits. You just shouldn’t bring them up. Why not? They’ll spoil the mood! Sometimes, you’re better off keeping your thoughts to yourself. That’s especially true if your thoughts fall into one of the ten categories below. These are instant date killers. Avoid them at all costs!

Your Health Problems

Ladies don’t want to hear about your physical ailments during soup and salad. Don’t pretend she’s one of the trashy women from FreeDatingAustralia.com.au just so you can tell her about your gallbladder removal surgery. Your medical problems are a topic of conversation you can discuss with your doctor or your mother. Your date, though, isn’t on that list. If you start telling her about what hurts, she’s going to start looking for a way to escape. Don’t ruin your date this way.

Your Dead Relatives

Even if you’ve recently suffered a loss in your immediate family, you shouldn’t let those feelings enter into your date. Bringing up your dead relatives at the dinner table is a quick way to make things very awkward. Your date won’t know what to do. For one, she doesn’t even have any idea who it is that you’re talking about. If you start weeping into your napkin, it’ll only be worse. Leave a sensitive topic like this at the door. Even if your dear aunt Sue is always on your mind, put her out of it for one night. Focus on your date instead. Wouldn’t you rather be happy than in mourning anyway?

Your Legal Troubles

Are you in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings? Maybe you’re actually in the middle of a very nasty case in divorce court. Or the situation could be even worse, and you’ve recently been arrested and charged with a crime. If you’ve got legal woes, don’t tell your date. You’re more likely to make her turn around and run right out the door than anything else. She’s not going to be sympathetic, and she’s definitely not going to want to date a guy who’s been to jail. So just don’t mention it. If things get serious later, you can tell her. When you’re just hanging out at dinner, though, the time isn’t right, and you shouldn’t push your luck.

Your Political Platform

Leave your political beliefs on your favorite libertarian forum where they belong. Don’t bring them with you when you head out the door for a date. It’s just common sense. You wouldn’t want to be trying to read ratings for online dating sites only to get blasted by some dude’s radical agenda and conspiracy theories. It’s annoying, and it disrupts what you were trying to do. Being political at dinner does the same thing. If your date doesn’t agree with you, it puts her in a bad position. What if you get angry when she disagrees? That’s going to ruin everything. Never bring up your political beliefs for any reason when you’re out to eat at a nice restaurant.

Everything About Your Pets

No matter how much you love animals, they’re not something you should talk about over a steak dinner. Guys who come to dates and blab about their pets usually look weird to women. It’s not a good way to get them to agree to a second date. In fact, if you only talk about your animals, you could get your feelings hurt. Don’t open the door to getting yourself made fun of. If you spend your whole date talking about your cats, you could be in trouble. What if she leaves a rating of you on an online dating site that talks about what you did? Don’t be “the cat guy.” Just wait until later when you get home, and you can tell your furry friends all about the woman you dined with.

How Expensive the Date Is

Never reveal to your date how much money you’ve spent on the evening. You should also never complain about how much it’s costing you, either. If your date decides to order lobster, don’t groan and roll your eyes. Especially don’t mutter anything about how she’s a gold digger. She might hear that. That could ruin the whole date, and you’ll still have to pay the bill at the end of everything. Create a careful budget for your dates as a way to keep the costs down. That way you won’t be tempted to start bragging or complaining about how much something costs. Doing that just makes you look uncool. If you’ve taken her to a nice place, then she’s going to know that you went out of your way to give her a great experience.

Your Politically Incorrect Jokes

If you love comedy, you probably love to share it with people. That’s why you spend so much time each day forwarding hilarious emails to all your friends. Not only are they funny, but they’ve got some hard truths about the world in there, too! Everyone’s got to learn those sooner or later. Why not educate your date during cocktail hour? Actually, you shouldn’t do that at all. If you love jokes that are a little off-color, you’re only going to embarrass yourself.

Treat her with some respect. She doesn’t want to hear filthy jokes all night long. She’s not a harlot that hangs out on FreeDatingAustralia.com.au just waiting to laugh at a toilet joke. If you have to tell jokes, stick to the good, clean classics like knock-knock jokes and simple riddles. Those will go over a lot better than your jokes about feminism.

Gruesome Events in the News

Are you a news junkie? It’s okay, a lot of other guys are, too. Keeping up on events in the world is important. That’s why you probably feel like you should tell your date what’s going on, too. Don’t do that, though. If you’re eager to tell her all about the latest mass murder or the newest war, you’ll spoil the dinner. No one really wants to talk about horrible things while they’re eating. You’re not doing her a service by trying to educate her during your date. Save that for later. There’s always a better time. Stick to small talk and silly topics while you’re still at the table.