First dates are stressful. There are no two ways about it. You have to look your best, act your best, and take the women you meet to the best places possible. It’s all about being as impressive as you can be. What about what comes after that, though? If you actually manage to pull off a good first date, she’s going to want to see you again. How many guys do you hear swapping second date tips? Practically none! Why is that?

Part of the problem is that people simply think getting to a second date means you understand each other. Nothing could be further from the truth! You’ve still got a lot of work to do if you actually want to date her over the long term. Remember, since she met you through a legit dating site, she’s got expectations about how you’re going to act. When you get to the second date, what do you do?

First of all, think back to the date you already had. Were you worried that you would stick your foot in your mouth the whole time that you were there with her? Getting through the night without embarrassing yourself probably felt like a big accomplishment. The risk of saying something dumb is even higher on the second date, though! You might let your guard down and let slip something that she shouldn’t know. Then she’ll be judging you, and before you know it, the date is over. She’s walking out the door, and you’re left empty-handed again. That’s not what you want! Below, you’ll find a list of ten things you shouldn’t say on the second date, no matter what. It’s for your own good!

1. Anything Negative about the First Date

Here’s one of the fastest ways to stick your foot in your mouth and get yourself in trouble. Why did you go on a second date with her if you didn’t enjoy the first one? Even if you’re not criticizing any part of the date that included her, she’s still going to take it personally. Don’t even bring up the first date you had with her in a negative context. If you do, you can expect to start an argument with her. She might even decide to get up and leave at that point!

2. That You Think She Should Put Out

Since you’ve reached the second date with her, that means that she’s ready to sleep with you at the end of the night, right? No matter how tempted you are to ask her for sex, don’t do it. Don’t even bring up the subject while you’re on the date. First of all, it’s a rude thing to assume. Second, you’re going to look like one of the awful guys who wastes his life on instead of the gentleman that you want to be. Keep this topic off limits unless she brings it up first. You don’t want to cross the line.

3. Don’t Complain About the Restaurant

If you’ve taken her out to eat again, keep any comments about the place to yourself. Unless you’re receiving bad service, there’s no reason to talk bad about the location. Especially if you picked it out yourself. If you start complaining about the place, she’s going to think you’re not enjoying the date at all. Again, she’ll end up taking it as a personal attack on her. You don’t want her to think anything like that. Even if you’re not enjoying the place you picked out, keep it to yourself. You’ll have an easier time.

4. Leave Your Religious Convictions Out of It

Did you hear a great sermon in church this past Sunday? That’s nice, but it’s not something that she wants to hear about. No woman who’s using a real dating site is going to want to hear a religious lecture from a guy they met. They want to go out and have fun. Isn’t that what you’re trying to do in the first place? If you start talking about religion, she’s going to tune you out in a hot second. Don’t even think about bringing this up. Call up your pastor later to chat about the finer points of his sermon. Don’t try to invite her into a debate about it.

5. Avoid Remarks on Changes in Her Appearance

Unless you’re telling her how pretty she looks, you shouldn’t say a word about her appearance. Did she do her makeup all wrong? Is her lipstick smudged and smeared all over her lips? Keep it under your hat. You’re only going to embarrass and even upset her if you say anything. As usual, she’s going to think that you have a problem with her. Good luck trying to explain that you didn’t mean to call her ugly. Even if you don’t use that word, it’s what she’s going to hear. This is a fast way to ruin your chances at a third date.

6. Don’t Take Over the Whole Conversation

Are you really excited about something? Do you have a lot to say? Even if you do, you shouldn’t let yourself take over the whole conversation. Would you want to meet up with one of the self-absorbed chatterboxes from Of course not. You’d be bored throughout the whole date. That’s what it’ll feel like if you spend your second date talking over the woman you’re seeing. It’s a sign of bad manners and she’s not going to be very impressed with you.

7. Now is Not the Time for Politics

Like religion, politics are another topic best left at the door when you begin a date. Even if it’s election season and you have some strongly held beliefs, she doesn’t want to hear about it. Those are topics that you can bring up later when you’re actually in a relationship. Since you’re just trying to get to know her better, though, you can’t talk about the hot-button issues of the day. It could start an argument that you don’t want to have. Then she’ll decide she never wants to see you again! Do you want to start over at square one after you had such a good first date with her? That’s going to be a huge hassle. Wait until you know her and her beliefs better before you decide to talk politics. She’ll appreciate your tactful approach. That’ll make her more likely to open up to you in the future.

8. Try to Avoid Asking Prying Questions

Even though it’s your second date, that doesn’t mean you now have a license to ask her creepy or invasive questions. In fact, that’s the exact opposite of what you do. Stick to topics that you would expect any normal person to post about on their actual dating site profile. When you do that, you won’t run the risk of making her feel uncomfortable. Even if you’re curious about her personal life, you’re going to have to save those questions for later. Trying to force the issue now is only going to upset her. Don’t make your date end prematurely because you didn’t know when to stop talking!