Back before you discovered the wonders that are online dating sites, you probably went on a lot of standard dates. Whether they were all the way back in high school or just six months ago, they usually follow the same pattern. You pick her up at her house, you take her to a middle of the road restaurant, and then maybe you go to a movie. If not, you end up taking her back to her place to be dropped off. Then the night is over. Isn’t that boring? Of course, it is!

That’s why you need to step up your game. When you’re in the world of online dating, you can’t be slacking off. Remember, there are tons of other guys out there just like you for those women to choose from! What are you going to do to stand out? You could wear a fancy outfit. You could rent a really expensive car to drive her around in. Or you could do one of the easiest things out there: come up with some great new date ideas.

The best part about coming up with new ideas is that you don’t even have to do it yourself. This article will be all about introducing you to some date locations you’ve never thought of before. You can still have a dinner if you want, but you won’t be going to a boring restaurant in the middle of the city.

When you take her someplace that she’s never been before, it’s a safe bet that you’re going to knock her socks right off. All it takes is a level of dedication and commitment to the task at hand. Remember how vigilant you were about reading reviews of romantic dating sites? You wanted to get the best experience possible. Take that same energy and use it here. Be vigilant about creating cool dates!

1. Take Her to a Nature Preserve

Are you heading out the door to meet a woman whose profile expressed a love for nature and the outdoors? If that’s the case, why not consider taking her to a spot with some natural beauty? You can even use it as a chance to compare her to the landscape and call her pretty. Women will melt in your hands when you do things like that. If there’s a national park or forest near to where you live, make that your next date location! Dress in the right clothes and bring along a snack. Spend the day hiking and getting to know one another. It’s a guarantee that she’ll have a great time.

2. Have a Picnic On the Beach

When you think of going to the beach, what usually crosses your mind? It’s probably a whole lot of people wasting time by laying around and baking in the sun. That’s boring, and it won’t make for a good date. Even one of the weirdo ladies you’d have the misfortune of meeting on wouldn’t want to do that. Instead, you’re going to have to do a little work to turn the beach into a great date spot. Grab an umbrella, a thick blanket, and some heavy objects to keep everything weighted down. Then pack a picnic lunch of your own making for your date! She’s going to have her socks knocked off by the fact that you made food for her. This date is a winner every time.

3. Go For a Driving Adventure

Sometimes, it can be more fun to spend your whole date wandering around doing nothing rather than focusing on a specific activity. If you’ve seen many ratings for dating sites, then you’ve probably heard people talk about how women on some sites are really looking for adventure. What could be more fun than getting in your car and going for a long and aimless drive? Make up some mixtapes so you have music to listen to. Then let the conversation and the road carry you where it wants to go. You can end up finding some pretty weird and interesting places out on the road!

4. Find a Really Unique Restaurant Location

If you want to spice up the traditional dinner date, you’re going to have to do more than just crank up the level of expense in order to impress her. What you need to do is find a restaurant in a weird or unique location. It won’t even matter if the food is good at that point! The location alone will be worth the trip. Try to find cool waterfront restaurants or eateries that are attached to an airport runway. You could even find a restaurant that you have to take a ferry to get to! She’ll be impressed when you tell her that you’re going to eat on a private island. Isn’t that what you want?

5. Take Her Up in a Helicopter

Helicopter tours can be expensive, and they might not last for very long. Both of those things are true. Even so, how many women do you know have gone up in a helicopter? She’ll love the chance to get a bird’s eye view of the city with you. In fact, it could even turn into an amazing memory that kick starts your relationship. How perfect would that be? She knows she’s not going to get an experience like this from one of the losers hanging out on, so you’ll be her best bet. If you get the chance to take her up into the skies, you should jump at it!

6. The Aquarium is a Great Date Spot

Believe it or not, but aquariums are actually very romantic spots for dating. With the dim lighting and many pretty things to look at, she’ll be reaching to hold your hand in no time. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve made the perfect decision. How many romantic date reviews have you read that talked about going to the aquarium? Probably not many! This is a memorable and great way to get her to fall for you.

7. Art House Theaters Are Always Awesome

If you want to take her out to see a movie, you should consider going one step farther than your usual, boring movie theater. Find a location instead that plays tons of quirky and weird movies. You might even be able to find an art house that’s running foreign movies. She’ll be thrilled at the chance to take in the culture of another location with you. As a bonus, you’re also going to look very refined by doing this. Way to go! You look like you’ve really got some culture.

8. Casinos Are a Fun New Date Idea

If you’re a gambling man, you could always try taking her out to a casino. If there’s a horse track, it’s even better. Supply her with a little cash for gambling with and let her go hog wild. She’s probably never had a guy do that for her before! As long as you stick to your limits, it’s good and clean fun. Can you imagine what it’ll be like if she hits the jackpot on a slot machine? You’ll know one thing for sure: you’re about to hit the jackpot with her, too!