When you go on a first date with women from online dating sites, it’s normal to be nervous about what she’s thinking. Every guy wants to be able to read a woman’s mind so he’ll know what he’s doing right and wrong. Casual dating is all about having fun, though, and there are ways to get over this insecurity hump. The fact of the matter is that she’s not thinking anything you haven’t already assumed.

She’s going to be nervous, too, and has thoughts like yours in her mind. Regardless of gender, a first date is always nerve-wracking. This is true whether you meet someone on the Internet or in a Canberra bar. Once you sit down together on a date, there’s a certain sense of expectation that comes with the occasion. If you learn about what goes through most women’s heads on the first date, you’ll be ahead of the game.

1. How Nervous She Is

You don’t have to pretend to not be nervous, because you should know that she is, too. That’s the nature of online dating when you find love connections on the wide array of dating sites out there. The more local Canberra ladies you meet, the easier that first date becomes. But, it’s still going to be different every time depending on the personalities involved. You’re both always going to have some level of nervousness. She’s got it on her mind, too, regardless of how confident she might act.

The best way to use this to your advantage is to make her feel more secure. Crack a few clean jokes to lighten the mood. Pay her a polite compliment. Reference something interesting about the conversations you’ve had through the dating site. All these things will help her (and you) loosen up and be able to have a good time.

2. If You Like Her

This is a no-brainer, but it needs to said because it’s important. She’s going to be wondering if you like her. That means you also have the upper hand in this case. How you choose to proceed will set the tone of your relationship, at least in the beginning. Even if you’ve already stated outright that you like her, the first meeting is crucial. Like you, she’s going to be wondering if she’s meeting your expectations.

Using online dating sites to find potential romantic and sexual partners is a gamble. You’re going on faith that the profile reflects the person behind screen accurately. She’s going to be wondering this very thing during your entire initial conversation. Women may act confident or aloof, but they’re usually wondering very similar things to the met they meet up with. You should make it clear if you like her. Don’t get desperate or clingy, but be confident enough to state outright that you think she’s fun. Women appreciate straightforwardness, and it’s also a way to show your confidence.

3. If She Likes You

Not only is she going to be wondering if she’s got your approval, but also if she likes you. This works both ways. As much as women worry about living up expectations, they’re as judgmental as men. This is your cue to live up to your own profile and make good on the things you said you’re interested in. Focus on whatever it was that first helped you click on your private messages.

This is a great way to remind both of you why you decided to meet up in the first place. It will help your date make up her mind about whether she likes you. There’s no reason she shouldn’t, and this is especially true if you put her nerves at ease. But, you also need to let her decide for herself. Act eager about your own interest in her, but don’t try too hard to win her approval. There’s a fine line between being confident and being desperate.

Being confident means that you state your desires and intentions. But being desperate means you state that you hope she likes you. This is not endearing and will come off as pushy, which drives women away.

4. Whether You Live up to Your Profile

She’s going to mentally be comparing your dating site profile to the person who’s sitting in front of her. This isn’t something you should find intimidating, though. There’s no reason to feel self-conscious unless you lied on your profile. It’s generally in your best interest to be honest on dating profiles. Otherwise, you meet in person and it’s a disaster.

If you’ve been generally honest about yourself on your profile let her draw her own conclusion. The fact of the matter is that the genuine article is you, and you’re sitting right in front of her. If she starts harping too much on what you’re like online versus what you’re like in person, it might be time to call it a night. Women who can’t adapt to real-life situations are problematic. Their lives might exist mostly online. There’s a major disconnect between people who socialize mostly on the Internet from real life.

But, she may be testing your honesty to see if you’re genuine. Women get lied to all the time by men, and it makes them bitter and skeptical. A sure way to a woman’s heart is honesty and reliability. Ladies are always impressed by a man who can live up to his word and claims since it’s a rare trait to find.

Lots of guys get bogged down by the desire to impress women. They end up lying or embellishing their accomplishments. Ironically, this actually turns the women they’re trying to impress off. The point is to try not to worry too much about living up to your profile if you were honest in it. That shouldn’t be your goal in this scenario. The entire point of meeting up is to establish whether you have physical chemistry in real life, not to pass a test.

5. What She Wants for Dinner or to Drink

Women aren’t particularly complicated, even though they seem so. She’ll definitely have a lot on her mind during your first date, but not all will be intense questions. She’ll probably be thinking a lot about what she wants to drink or eat, depending on what kind of meeting you’ve planned. This is a good way to remind yourself that you’re both human, even as different genders with different ways of thinking. You’re concerned with ego and appearance, but at the same time, there’s also the simple desires.

Don’t try too hard to make a grandiose statement or impress her majorly on the first date. Focus on the simple stuff. Make a good recommendation on the menu if you’re out to dinner, or tell her how much you love certain types of wine. The more down to Earth you seem the more comfortable she’ll feel.

You want to eliminate anxiety as soon as possible, as well as the inevitable tension that will crop up at first. Acknowledge that it’s as important to think about what you want to eat as it is to live up to your profile. Then you’ll be on the right track to having a successful first meeting.