Dating casually can be a fun way to meet people in your area, but many people reach the point where they are having a hard time meeting people in traditional ways. It might seem this way, but Darwin has a lot of single women waiting to meet men. The best matchmaking sites out there will help you find single women in your town who share your interests and want to have a great time. Once you’ve connected with someone online and you’re ready to meet them for a first date, you’re going to want to remember a few tips to make sure you land a second date if things go well.

Making a great impression on your first date can show her what a great guy you are and endure she will want to see you again. To make a good first impression, you don’t need to splash out a lot of money on a first date at a fancy restaurant or score tickets to the hottest concert in town. There are other simple things you can do to show her you are a great guy and worth getting to know better. Show her you’re passionate about something or engage her interests by planning a fun, creative date and following some easy advice to make it a memorable night.

1. Share Your Passions

A great way to engage your date and keep her interested is to share something you are passionate about. Whether you love taking tours of historic Darwin, or are a dedicated hiker, showing her you love something is attractive. It doesn’t hurt if you can show off a little, at an open mic downtown or a rock-climbing gym. Chances are if you’ve met her through one of the best matchmaking sites out there, you’ll probably have shared interests anyway. If so, you can show her how you excel at your favorite hobby or impress her with your knowledge of modern art.

Don’t go overboard and appear cocky, though. Just remember people who are passionate about their interests are more attractive than those with an air of apathy. Set yourself apart from the disaffected, aloof male stereotype and engage her.

If you don’t have similar interests, she can learn a lot about you when you share your hobbies. She’ll learn what drives and motivates you and what makes you tick. Being confident about who you are is sexy to women, who seek a partner who can connect with them in a self-assured way. The goal here is to land a second date, so show her you can plan a great time for her and be a leader. Don’t forget to tell her what you are planning ahead of time, though. Spontaneity is great for later on in your relationship, but you don’t want to surprise her with a hike and have her show up in her best dress and favorite heels.

2. Engage Her Interests

If you’ve spent time messaging online and are about to take the plunge of meeting in person, take time to remember those conversations. Maybe she’s mentioned she’s eager to see a new exhibition at a museum or she’s shared her excitement about a recent victory of her favorite sports team. When you’re planning your first date, try to score some tickets to a game or suggest that the two of you check out that art show. Showing her you’re willing to check out her interests conveys that you’re thoughtful and a good listener.

If she knows you’re willing to try out new things because she likes them, she’ll find that quality very flattering and attractive. If this is the case, give her a chance to teach you something, too. Just as you share your passions with her, she’ll get to shine while explaining hers to you. Letting her know you’re interested in her hobbies also gives her a reason to say yes to that second date.

A word of caution: don’t pretend to be interested in her passions because you are attracted and hoping to get physical with her eventually. If you’re not genuinely into something she likes, choose another date plan, or let her pick something else. She’ll notice if you’re bored or trying too hard and get suspicious of your intentions. The best matchmaking sites will pair you with women you share some of your interests, so hopefully, you will already have other things in common.

3. Tell a Personal Story

Once you’ve decided on a plan for your evening and are out on your date, there are still ways to make the evening memorable. You want to set yourself apart from the rest of the guys out there and give yourself an edge. Skip the usual small talk and tell her a story about your life. Make it lighthearted and humorous though. Refrain from getting too deep, too fast. Tell her why you choose your current career or how you landed your first gig. Be a little self-deprecating and don’t be afraid to share something a little embarrassing, as long as it’s not crude.

Telling her a personal story communicates that you’re confident enough to admit your mistakes and brave enough to laugh at yourself. Women look for men who don’t take themselves too seriously, and since this is your first date, you are making a first impression with everything you do and say.

Don’t let that make you nervous though, even though you might be. She’s probably a bit on edge, too. If you’ve been exchanging messages or chatting on the phone and things are going great, she’s probably just as eager to impress you. Telling her a personal story can put her at ease if she seems nervous. Sharing a story from your past can also be a great way to bond, but avoid certain subjects. Don’t talk about your exes, crude topics, or anything too depressing or controversial. You want to draw her in, not drive her away.

4. Be Nice – to Everyone

You’ve planned a great date and wowed her with your conversation skills, but there’s still one last thing to remember when you’re out on your date. Be nice. Not just to her, since that should be a given, but also to everyone you encounter. This is her first impression of you out in the world beyond those great messages and texts you may have exchanged. She wants to confirm that you’re a decent guy. Open the door for a stranger, tip the bartender well, and most of all, be nice to your restaurant server. Don’t be rude or dismissive of anyone because it shows her you respect others, and will, therefore, respect her.

Never say judgmental things about those around you, even if you think she’ll laugh because she might not. Being polite and respectful makes you seem classy and mature, and is a refreshing change of pace. You don’t need to act like a saint, but a little kindness will go a long way to showing her you’re a great guy. As you get more comfortable with her, you can crack a rude joke and relax a bit, but you want to get to the point that you can. If you want that second date and you’re interested in this woman, it’s better to be safe than sorry.