It may come as a surprise, but spending more time online can actually help you get laid. But don’t expect it to come in the form of looking up online sex dating tips. Instead, we have found that the more time you spend blogging, the more women are going to have an interest in you. In fact, quite a few women in the UK say that knowing a guy has a blog gives them a more positive impression of them than ones who don’t. As the saying goes: every little bit helps. Plus, spending a little time blogging can often lead to more insights than you think. When it comes to hooking up, that sort of bonus is always the best way to go.

It Gives Her the Impression That You Are More Tech Savvy and Thoughtful

Someone with a blog comes off as more tech-savvy, contemplative and, often, socially aware. Most women find that more appealing than someone who doesn’t have those characteristics. This is especially true of women in tech circles, those considered geeky or nerdy themselves. And, of course, other bloggers.

In fact, women bloggers will often choose someone who shares this activity over those who do not. Are you into anyone in those categories? Does the appeal of women like that, in general, get you going? Then we cannot stress how good of an idea it is to get a blog.

Keep in mind, of course, that you will have to back this up to some degree. While this does not have to mean telling her the name of your blog or where you host it. But you should be able to offer anecdotes other bloggers will understand.

This is not limited to blogging experiences. It also has a lot to do with the topics you choose to blog about. You have to be able to talk about your interests with some competency. Otherwise, this strategy will backfire pretty hard. Also, be aware of the type of things you choose to blog about and how it will appear to someone you are trying to impress.

In other words, don’t spend all your time blogging about online dating tips and expect to garner much interest from most women. We speak from experience here.

Yes, you should stick to things that actually interest you. But try to find something either social or unisex in nature. Hearing you keep a blog is good. Hearing you keep a blog about your sexual experience is creepy. Always keep this in mind no matter who you are trying to appeal to.

There are very few instances where women respond well to hearing your hobbies include something sexual. It’s nothing against you, it’s that they have learned to associate that sort of behavior with threats. To be blunt: it will scare them off.

It Lets You Take Part in the Communities She’s Involved In

Of course, being able to tell her about your blog, or the fact that you do it is nothing compared to what you pick up while you blog. This is one of the most overlooked benefits to keeping a blog and one we don’t recommend passing by.

Blogging on your own site is all well and good. But it doesn’t let you take advantage of all the social aspects of blogging as part of a community. If you find a platform you like that encourages bloggers to interact, go there over any other options. When it comes to learning about the women you want to attract, you can’t get it any clearer than straight from them. The online blogging communities skew female so you can expect to learn a lot so long as you know where to go.

The best way to figure out what communities to blog in to find some real online sex dating tips? Start with something that, were a woman interested in it, it would make her attractive to you. This can be anything from a popular show to a favorite video game, or a shared love of Victorian flower language. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you find at least somewhat interesting.

The next step is to find the communities, tags, or subforums that have something to do with that topic. Make a post asking for recommendations of where to go and what groups to join. This will always get you a place to start from if nothing else. Most of the time, this will also ingratiate you to a lot of the more socially relevant people in those groups. This will tell you what people in these categories find most interesting. It also introduces you to the network.

Next, it’s time to flex your social muscle. These communities have tons of women in the UK and elsewhere that will gush all about their favorite pastimes. They are also more than willing to help a guy out. But make sure not to phrase it as looking for online sex dating tips. That tends to be a big turn off in most cases.

Instead, appeal to their want to help a fellow fan. Then, after a bit, ask what you might, say, get as a gift for someone who likes the particular topic. You can appeal to their goodwill in many ways, in that regard. More than this, participating in the communities will teach you a lot as well.

We do want to warn against expressing strong opinions here. Do not get caught up in the discussions, but rather learn to direct them and prompt them to continue. That way you are actually learning something. If you spend all your time blogging giving your own opinion instead of inviting others? Then you should not expect good results.

It Gives You Practice in Putting Your Thoughts Together

Blogging does more than give you something to impress her with. It also helps you with the whole issue of actually being able to start and hold a conversation in the first place. Not very many women are going to find a man that stumbles over his words all that attractive for dating. Let alone during sex. More than anything else, what having a blog can do for you is teach you how to get your thoughts together. That is before you say something.

Of course, you will have more time to do this on a blogging platform. So once you are comfortable, part of the trick is learning to speed up the process. But, even if you have to pause before jumping in, chances are you will leave her with a better impression.