On the hunt for the best sex dating sites or just happen to find someone attractive and want to learn more about her? Learning how to get more from less information is often as important as being able to say hello in the first place. No matter the situation, the chances that you will be low on time is pretty good. If you find her online, you have a short window to make your best impression before she moves on to someone else.

If you catch sight of her in person, while you may not have the same level as competition, you still have to give her a reason to stick around. That is why having something to talk about and knowing what she will find interesting is important. Looking at her profile, linked sites, or being part of the same group? This can give you a lot of insight if you know how to make sense of it.

When She Is Constantly Playing Something No Matter What Else Is Going On

It should come as no surprise that someone who spends all their spare time gaming is looking for entertainment. This is not a bad thing, nor is it particularly strange. In fact, as time goes on, you will find it more and more common for people to lose interest in most things. That is why it is important to note when she has one or a set of games around, as that is a clear sign of two things.

First is that she can’t stand to be bored. That means any awkward pauses or extended silences when you first meet are going to count particularly hardly against you. The second is that there are things that can interest her. When something strikes her fancy, she is going to invest a lot of time, energy, money, and more into it. When it comes to hooking up in a Bristol bar, or catching the eye of someone on hookup sites? Knowing they are more interested in the game than what you have to say is helpful.

Most people are going to fall short of her initial interest by not respecting her interests. You should not expect to walk up or send a generic chat to someone like this and expect to get her attention. She needs to be convinced that you are worth having her attention. That’s before she will bother giving you more than a once over.

The best way to do this is to open with something that might intrigue her. This is where many people shy away from ever engaging in the first place. But it is actually an easy target to hit. Even if you do not know which games she is currently playing, there is no reason to assume you cannot interest to her. All it takes is showing her that you share a similar appreciation for things she already likes. In this case, you know that she prefers to play video games most of the time.

If you happen to know the genre, or a specific title, great. You can start off with a specific question towards one game in particular. Even if not, she is going to perk up at the idea of you asking for information on something. That means opening by asking her what she is currently into. Ask what she thinks of the game can be enough to at least get her attention. Following it up with a statement like – what you have heard about that game? Then asking for her thoughts will more or less seal her attention to you for a few minutes at least.

The best part? You don’t actually have to know anything about the games or what people have said about them. Even making something up on the spot, you have a good chance of being at least partly right. If not, you can write it off to an unreliable memory.

The Girl That Spends More Time Looking up the Games than Actually Playing Them

Of course, just because she might seem preoccupied with games, does not mean she is actually playing them. Now, this can happen with men too. But we have found that looking up information on games, whether in the form of reviews, plot, or character analysis, is more common in women. This means your chance of holding a conversation with her if you happen to share an interest in the same games or types of games is actually pretty high.

But, you can also expect her to have a lot more to say about the theoretical than you may have ever wanted to begin with. Don’t sweat it. You can’t expect every woman in Bristol to be into the same things you are, after all. So it’s safe to say she is not expecting the same from you either. The important thing here is to let her do most of the talking. You want to engage a woman like this in a way that only prompts her for more. Trust us when we say the more encouraging you are, but the less you say, the more interested she will be in you.

Legions of Unfinished Games and Looking Forward to the next Thing

The unfinished gamer often has a lot in common with the girl that spends more time looking things up than actually playing. Do not be surprised if you end up charming the pants off of someone who fits in both categories! The reason they remain separate is the simple fact that she may not spend all that much time reading about the games instead of playing.

While it is true that she could be a completionist at heart. Sure, she may be digging through guides and walk-throughs to find that one section that thwarted her playthrough. The more likely part of this category is that she got bored. With the rate at which new games come out these days, it’s not unreasonable for her to pick up the next best thing as her interest in the previous wanes. This means being prepared to jump around many topics if you want to keep her interested.

Gaming on a Schedule

Lastly, you have the gamer devoted to her schedule. This is most common in two particular cases. One, the woman devoted to a social game, such as an MMORPG where people depend on her. Or two, someone who is on top of their personal obligations. The two can and often do overlap. The key to remember when approaching someone like this is to not interfere with her life.

Just because she logged into casual sex dating sites does not mean she is going to drop everything for a chance to roll in the hay. But, if you can catch her, you can expect her to spend her entire time with you wholly invested in that moment.