There can be many good reasons to start reviewing online personals sites. You might be looking for relationships, friendships or for casual dates, amongst others. Casual dating sometimes gets a bad reputation from more conservative factions. But there are many people who aren’t interested in or don’t have the time for a long-term relationship. And, like anyone else, they still would like the chance for the joy of sex. When considering casual dating for the first time you may feel a little overwhelmed. It is quite different it is from traditional dating at times.

In casual dating, it’s common to meet your potential sex partner in person before deciding where to go. While this is very much like any other date, you don’t talk about the same things as you would on a traditional date. Both of you are trying to figure out how attracted you are to each other and how compatible you are in bed. You aren’t planning anything beyond that, so your date isn’t about what a great person you are in the long run. It’s a temporary, fun interaction. But this means that you can actually talk about the wrong things on a casual date. Of course, it’s beneficial if you at least enjoy each other’s company. Still, there are topics that, while usually ok on a traditional date, will ruin your chances. We go through what you should avoid here.

Nobody Should Know the Trouble You’ve Seen

As pointed out, there are various reasons for choosing casual dating for yourself. You can share these reasons with friends if they ask why you’re going through online personals sites reviews. Or if they come across your search history for people’s opinions on dating sites while borrowing your phone. Whatever your reasons, if you have any desire for sex with no strings attached, they are what they are, good or bad. But that still doesn’t mean that you should share them with your casual date in person.

It’s a common topic for casual dating since it’s something both parties share. But, it acts as an opener and is less about what exactly led you to your decision. You’ll most likely only know the woman you’re talking to for a few hours, a few days at most. Having you pour out your heart to them is the last thing on their priority list. They want sex and that’s it.

Keep the conversation topics light and superficial. This is important for casual dating because discussions can set or ruin the mood for sex. So if you start to explain that you came out of a long relationship or that your job is taking up all your dating time? Then you’re taking things into deep waters reserved for people you want to see on a regular basis. Your date might then assume that you want to add them to this list of people. This could imply the next topic you should avoid:

The Dreaded ‘L’ Word

And it isn’t lesbians or latest music import from London, Canada. Casual dating and love are often implied to go hand in hand by romantic comedies. But in reality, it’s something that rarely happens. The main reason why people choose to date casually is to avoid love. They’re not to find it by having sex so often with someone that sexual attraction morphs into emotional bonds. It’s actually rare to have sex with a casual fling more often than a handful of times. People looking for reviews of sites for online hookup personals aren’t using the search query ‘love’. If they were, they would be landing on regular dating sites. Those who are looking for love on personals sites will let you know very soon.

With a woman you’re trying to take to the next step of casual dating, love is almost the worst thing you can talk about. Love is a very private topic. And it’s also fairly easy to jump to strange conclusions when you talk about it with her. Because it’s a topic you seem to want to talk about, it will appear as something that’s important to you. She’ll take it to mean it is something you’re interested in pursuing. Even if you’ve become a victim of love at first sight, the topic will make her ask if you’re casual dating as a pretense. If love comes up, try to change the direction of the conversation. If you want to pursue a romantic relationship with her, take things slow, so that she can warm up to the idea. Try to meet her more often. Then start building something like a friendship with benefits to get to know her better. This can give you a better understanding of how to bring up the topic of a romantic relationship with her.

Never To Be Fulfilled Prophecies

It may be hard to believe, but there is a topic that can call forth even worse reactions than love from your date. This topic doesn’t only imply that there’s love somewhere on the way. But it says that there’s so much attachment that you’ve started making plans. Whatever your date’s reasons for casual dating, thinking about a shared future is not it. Especially not if you’re meeting for the first time. Actually, this is not even a topic for any first date period, no matter what. There are women who break this rule. We’ve all heard about them, or worse yet, have gotten to know one. But do both of you a favor and try not to even think about it.

It’s a cardinal sin of casual dating to talk about a shared future and you are smart enough to know that. Even comments you don’t intend to imply a shared future can make a date wonder about your intentions. It could be an innocent compliment about her being a very warm and caring person. Use the word ‘motherly’? She’ll wonder if you’re fantasizing about her being the mother of her children. Now, not all woman tick that way. But considering that you met a few moments ago and don’t know each other, you should better play safe. Should the two of you land on the topic of future plans, talk about your job or places you’d like to visit instead. Saying you want a family can get interpreted the wrong way.

Though this advice may sound like you could ruin your chances with a woman on a casual date, it isn’t. On a casual date, you’ll find yourself more forgiving of certain things that would usually irk you. Having no strings attached is what saves the day. What you should avoid though is sticking to the above topics like glue. Don’t returning to them if they come up – that will make her exasperated with you. If you accidentally bring up one of the topics above? Then don’t draw attention to it and steer into safer conversation waters. Talk about what brought you together on a date in the first place, instead. Talk about all things sex. You’ll find that will put both of you in the right mood to quit talking and get to what you both want.