Online dating is the fastest growing way to meet your spouse around today. Almost 17% of couples who got married last year met online, and that number is only expected to climb. Unfortunately for the bars and clubs, there isn’t a lot of future for short-term casual hookups either.

Sure, they still serve alcohol, which has greased the gears of many one-night stands. But that doesn’t mean that they’re going to keep that top space for long. Casual, short-term online hookups are growing in popularity as well. Here are five reasons why in 20 years everyone will be heading online to hookup instead of to the dance bars.

1. More Choices

If you could talk to every single woman in a club, you might be able to hit on two hundred women a night. That’s a lot of options. But, there’s no way you’re going to be able to talk to all. Some of the ones there are going to have boyfriends who are also there. Some have groups of girlfriends they can’t abandon unless they all find hookups too. That’s not likely to happen.

But even if every woman there was single and free to hook up that night, you still wouldn’t be able to talk to everyone. You wouldn’t even be able to look at all the women and decide whether you want to hook up with them anyway. There isn’t enough time even if you’re having a long night at the bar.

Online is a completely different story. You can search a website and come up with two hundred women who exactly match the things you were searching for. They all have profile pictures that will help you cut the ones you don’t want. From there you can scan their profiles to find the top five you have the most in common with. Then you start sending out messages. No waste, no fuss, and you don’t have to spend all night shouting over a blaring club speaker to do it.

2. More Effective Time Management

As we said before, it takes a lot of time to scope out girls at the club. It’s way more time effective to go online and find a hookup site. There you’ll find women who actually want to hookup, tonight, in your area. They’re writing ads for men to come and answer. Think about it. Do you want to spend hours at a club sipping expensive drinks, trying to decide which woman to hit on, then leave empty handed? Or would you like to hop online, flirt with a bunch of eager women who want to hookup, and then choose your favorite for some stress relief in her bedroom?

British sex dating sites can turn the hours you spend trying to hookup into minutes. All from the comfort of your own home. No fuss, no hassle, and no more trying to comb glitter out of your hair three days after you last went to the club. No hassle, only hookups: the way it should be.

3. Better Idea of Who She Is

How many times were you sure that the girl grinding you on the dance floor would be a freak in bed and brought her home to discover she only likes Missionary? Meeting online means that you’ll have a profile to skim before you decide whether you want to hookup with her. With that information, you can figure out the kind of night you’d be in for if you had her over.

This includes her kinks, her positions, and her general attitude towards sex. Angry sex and guilty sex and wild, eager sex are all pretty great. They’re all sex, after all. But wouldn’t it be nice to know which one you were in for before she arrived?

You don’t have to learn everything about her. But it doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about the woman you’re hooking up with before you do. A lot of men don’t want to bother with this step, but it can make a big difference in how satisfied you are. It can also affect how happy she is. There won’t be a quiz at the end, but sharing a little bit helps build trust, and trust is very important even in a hookup. Especially if you want to do anything kinky.

4. Less Risk When Going Out

It’s a big step to let someone you met at a club take you home. Whether you go to her place or she goes to yours doesn’t matter so much as the fact that you’re going home with a stranger. She’s worried that you’re going to murder her. You’re worried that she’s going to try to steal all your stuff if you take her back to your place. Meeting at the club doesn’t give you a chance to get any sort of reading of a woman other than “here” and “wants to go home with me.” That’s the kind of shoddy information you’d find at

Even with British sex dating sites, you don’t get tons of information about her. But you’ll get more than you would otherwise. You’ll talk with her over text, private message, or email before you go meet her. You’ll both be able to feel safer because of that. It’s better that you at least know each other’s online handles before you head to her place.

5. Multiple Sites vs. One Club

When you pick a club to go to for the night you’re committing to trying to score with one type of woman that night. You won’t find many attractive, Goth college students at an upscale techno club. You’re not going to be able to dip in and out of a social scene and change when you get bored. When you commit to a club you’re committed for the evening.

When you’re looking for a woman online you can dip in and out of as many online chats, forums, and sites as you want. You could be talking up three different women. So no matter what happens that night, you’ll have this covered. There are enough British sex dating sites that you’ll never run out of options when it comes to hooking up. You can change your mind halfway through the evening and still have sex. This, instead of regretting your decision for hours while you try to salvage your time.

Now some websites like aren’t setting the best example for what online hookups could be. There are some great websites out there that are fine. They put eager ladies in touch with ready men who can give them what they want. You can log in and chat, flirt, and see what everyone’s plans are. Only then do you commit to hooking up with one woman or one type of woman.

In 20 years, a meetup online will be the only way to hookup. It’s more convenient, it’s more efficient, and it’s cheaper. Soon dance clubs will be for dates and bars will be for people who like a quiet drink. The world will be better off.