Everyone has something about them others find difficult to understand. For some people it’s their choice in clothes. For others it’s the bizarre combinations of produce they dare to call food. So it shouldn’t be surprising to come across at least one person while searching for how to hookup online who’s obsessed with the Zodiac. What if she also happens to meet the rest of your criteria and points of interest? Then understanding at least why she’s so interested can be the difference between a good impression and being yet another suitor. Of course, you may be the wrong sign as well, at which point there’s only so much you can do.

There’s More Than One

The first thing you should know about the Zodiac is that there is actually more than one. There are the western signs you’re familiar with such as Aquarius and Sagittarius. Then there are those from the Chinese Zodiac like the tiger and snake. There are even more beyond that, but those to have become the standards most people know. If she’s into something beyond that, chances are she’s going to let you know.

Even within the signs we more generally call the Zodiac there’s some debate about the accurate dates to use. One set which you see used most everywhere. The another which scholars like to toss around for comparisons. They do this to sound like they’ve actually been studying stars. Instead of, you know, memorizing compatibility charts. Often time mentioning this can be enough to get someone who’s into this sort of thing latched to you for a good while.

Compared to finding a guide on how to hookup online, information on the zodiacs is far more plentiful. And much more confusing. Unless you want to make it a hobby, don’t expect to be able to differentiate between what is accurate and what is plain confusing. But do glance at an overview. Then you won’t get completely lost when she starts on your compatibility charts.

She doesn’t need to you to know everything about every kind of Zodiac. She wants to you acknowledge her information on them and that it means something to her. Consider it the same thing as dating someone with a different religion. As long as it’s compatible with yours, you wouldn’t have that much of a problem letting her do her own thing. So long as it’s not interfering with what you want to do. The same is true here. Get to know some fundamentals, such as the fact that there is more than one system. The be open to letting her explain the rest.

It Gives a Sense of Conquering the Unknown

She likely gets the same sense of accomplishment from her daily horoscope that you did when you figured out how to hookup online. There’s this sense that you’ve cracked a code. You actually come away knowing more and being more knowledgeable than you used to be. Even if in retrospect the information seems obvious or vague.

She gets a lot of that from reading about what she can generally expect from her day. She can find lucky charms or directions, and get other tips from knowledge of the Zodiac. Someone so interested in something like horoscopes wants to reduce uncertainty in life. She wants to know what to expect from a day, a month, a year, a relationship and anything else sent her way.

The Sense of Mystery Remains

That said, there’s a big difference between learning the secret of how to hookup online and quantum physics. That same can be true for her. Because she wants to reduce the uncertainty around her doesn’t mean she needs or wants to know the nuts and bolts. Asking her to explain how the Zodiac can predict anything is a quick way to get labeled a non-believer. You’ll get shunned. Instead, take it in stride and letting her do her own thing.

The fact of the matter is she wants some of the mystery about it to stay in place. That’s part of the allure of something like this. So don’t go trying to reason with her about it, or otherwise dissect its fallacies. As mentioned, handling someone into the Zodiac is like handling a girl with a different religion. Accept that it’s something she believes in. That is, if you are comfortable enough to date someone that different from you in the first place.

Even if we like everything laid out and explained in detail, not everyone has that preference. The Zodiac allows for a reduction of uncertainty between people while maintaining an element of the unknown. She doesn’t want to completely understand how or why it works. She wants to marvel over how it does and what she can gain from it. So let her have her fun and sense of wonderment about the world. She’ll be more inclined to tolerate the same from you in return.

She Wants Direction and Enjoys Helping Others

A common aspect of people who put faith in horoscopes from Quebec to Athens is their need for direction. As much as the Zodiac serves to explain human interaction and to a lesser extent luck, so too does it give people direction. She gets lost during the day or feels like giving up on something because she can’t find the next step. Then looking to her horoscope will help give her the boost she needs to find a way forward.

Most people who get infatuated with the Zodiac and what it means, want to share their knowledge. Not to show it off, but to help other people. They look at everything they’ve learned from the Zodiac. The think of all it’s shown them about the natures and humors of people and how they interact. They see a bundle of information that other people don’t have.

That is why, more than anything else, get ready to listen. Once you date a girl who’s that into the Zodiac – any of them – you may become an expert yourself. That’s fine when you think about it. There was something about her that pulled you away from finding out how to hookup online. It made you want to spend some time with her in the first place. After that, if her love of the Zodiac is the only thing you find irritating? Yeah, we’d call that a good catch, because it sounds like everything else is going well. So let her teach you about something she likes and enjoy the rest of everything else she has to offer.