Part of the appeal to hooking up with someone online is simply the level of access you have to anyone at all. The possibility is out there that anyone else looking for the best sex dating sites would stumble on the same place as you and ultimately lead to a much better experience than you could have ever had to look for the same on your own. The ability to find women completely open to the idea of a casual hook up, then, is not only something made easier by modern technology but also something that is really likely once you find the right site. For many men, however, this sudden move towards open invitations can leave them wondering exactly how women want to be approached when they put themselves out there like that. As much as she wants a good lay, after all, we are sure we aren’t the only ones who have been turned down just for being brash idiots about it.

You Are One in a Million

That is why the most important thing to remember is that you really are one a million, and we don’t mean this in the special snowflake way, either. What we mean when we say this is to always be aware that she has considerably more choices than you ever will, even just from the same website simply based on pure numbers alone. This is not to discourage you or send you back to the nearest Leeds pub. It is important, however, to know what you are up against. You will never be able to make the right impression if you don’t recognize what you are up against. In this case, you are fighting hundreds if not thousands of other men looking for exactly the same things as you. So how do you stand out? By not reacting the same way as everyone else.

The quickest way to catch her attention is to make your first impression at the very least different than everyone else’s. That knee jerk reaction that wanted to kick in when you saw she was really just interested in a good lay? You can bet every other guy on the site had the exact same reaction. That means following it through will only put you in the same crowd. Now, many people will overcorrect for this by becoming too nice and too roundabout in response. The best sex dating sites will tell you this is not going to go over well with a woman who already knows what she wants. She does not need to be enticed and she certainly does not need to be convinced.

What she wants, more than anything is a simple hook up that leaves her satisfied. She wants confidence, not sleaze. Don’t approach her like you are looking to make a transaction and don’t treat her like your school sweetheart, either. We know this can get a bit confusing since most of the time we have all been taught to avoid being direct like this at all costs. However, just introducing yourself and asking when she is free and what she wants out of a good hook up is really all you need to score with someone like this.

Be Flexible about Where and When

Where you need to pay the most attention to being accommodating is to her schedule. If you want to meet up with someone who really just wants a good lay and to move on with their life, adjust to her schedule and make sure she knows you are willing to from the start. This is why you open up by asking her when she is free. While it is certainly in your best interest to have some places and times on hand if she leaves it up to you, most of the time someone this determined to get laid is going to have a plan in mind. Remember, this is a woman who knows what she wants. Take advantage of that for as long as you can. Letting her pick where to go and when shows you are just as prepared to make this happen as she is and she will appreciate that drive. Likewise, you really are not missing out on controlling very much when you consider that she is probably ready to go and this will happen sooner than later.

Know What You Want and Tell Her from the Start

Catching her attention was a triumph, but keeping it lies in being precise, open, and to the point about what you want out of the hookup. This goes double if you have a particular kink in mind. You want to mention this as soon as you can in the conversation because as gung-ho as he might be, there is still a good chance that she does not share the same fetish. If that is the case, it’s best to figure out early on so you can decide if you want to move on to your next option. Even the best sex dating sites can’t hook you up the perfect playmate every time, after all. On the other hand, being upfront about what you want and making sure to ask if she is interested or if there is anything else she had in mind is a great way to keep her focused on the idea of hooking up with you in particular. Keep in mind, the entire time you are talking to her, she is probably talking to many other men as well, so it’s important to really make an impression and keep her attention.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to disclosing from the beginning is just the fact that things tend to go a lot more smoothly when you know what you both expect to get out of it. Talking about what you want beforehand will often remind both of you of other things you might want to try or bring up a suggestion from her that you had not considered before. Whatever the case may be, always remember that there is never a valid excuse not to talk about what you want from the very beginning of the hookup.

Make It Easy for Her

Unless you want her to hook up with some other guy from Leeds, do everything you can to make getting together as easy as possible for her. She’s already randy: put all of your focus on getting the two of you to the same place at the same time and the rest will happen on its own. That means having a preferred time and place on hand as much as it means working with whatever she may prefer. It also means ensuring you come prepared and that she knows you will be bring everything you need. This means condoms, lube, and any toys you enjoy packed and ready to go the moment she agrees.

Take care of the little details like directions if she wants to meet you somewhere she is unfamiliar with or calling ahead if it gets you to a room faster. Whatever it is you can do to make it easier for her to agree, do it: being straight forward and addressing all of her concerns before she can bring them up is the key to landing someone who already knows what she wants.