There’s more than one way to build a connection, both on and off line. One the easiest and most fun ways to attract a woman’s attention is having a good knowledge of pop culture. As trivial as people try to make it seem, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to get a lady on your arm. Here’s why it trumps other forms of common interests to get close to the lady that you want to go out with.

Breaking the Ice Made Easy

Pop culture references are a great way to break the ice. Whether you have them on a t-shirt or just mention them in your messages, they’re a way for women to instantly relate to you. Besides, they give you an instant opening to a known conversation topic. Saying that you like a woman’s clothing be interpreted as creepy or insincere, even if it’s about her blouse. Saying that you like her t-shirt when it’s got a reference to a popular book, TV show, or performer on it seems like you actually have things in common with her. This is a crucial distinction to establish early in your relationship with a woman. Breaking the ice well means that it won’t be awkward to have your relationship continue.

Don’t Seem Elitist

It’s fine to seem intelligent, but if you have pop culture you’re not going to seem unapproachable because you’re intellectual. If you’re going to seem elitist, you’re going to alienate a large number of women. Even intelligent ladies don’t like the idea of being with some egghead snob, so tone down your dislike of pop culture. If you can’t stand a even a little pop culture, you should at least be able to articulate why in a fun way. This means watching a few episodes or reading the first book in a series so you can hold a conversation about it. Sure, it’s a pain to spend your valuable free time on something that you don’t enjoy. But it’s better than having a conversation come grinding to a halt because you have no idea what she’s talking about.

Covers a Lot of Topics

Popular culture has the advantage of being very general. You can dip in and out and just take the things that appeal to you and still find that you’re covering a great amount of information and topics. This means that you have a better chance of finding something that the hot lady you want to talk to also likes. If you’re looking for a great conversation starter then popular culture is like the sampler platter. You can talk a little bit about a lot of things and then find the topic that’s going to let you talk about something more in depth. Otherwise, you’re just fishing and hoping you’ll stumble upon a good topic.

If the price of getting to have fun, exciting conversations with interested women is having to watch that new show once a week, isn’t it worth it to put in your time?