A great thing about women is that they come in all different flavors. No matter what you like, you’re going to be able to find it especially when online dating. Once you’ve got your eye set on someone it’s up to you to get their attention back. Some can be hard to catch, though. The Princess types are definitely among them. Whether they’re in it for the money or just overly pampered, there’s something that you’re going to have to prove in order to get with them. Once you do, you’ve got to know how to handle her just right in order to keep her around.

The Initial Set-up

She’s going to be used to guys hollering at her, so you have to stand out and be genuinely flattering. Otherwise, you’ll just blend in with the crowd. Approach her with confidence, ready with a compliment, but nothing that’s too cheesy. The whole point is to come off as the type that isn’t going to lose it if she rejects them. Buy her a drink, pay her a compliment, or just make small talk and leave. She’s going to expect you to flounder and try to impress her right away, so imagine how surprised she’ll be when you suddenly and appropriately leave.

The Beginning Months

When she’s first drawn to you thanks to your bait, she’s probably going to be very irritated. Being one of the few guys who hasn’t drooled uncontrollably in her presence is unusual, so don’t let the somewhat bitchy follow-up throw you off. In no time you’ll find that she’ll be ready for you to shower her with affection. Which, now that you’ve proven that you can get her, you can do.

The rich princess types will expect you to match what daddy gets for her, the pampered princess will want you to give her spa days and ideally make sure she never has to know how much something costs and the spoiled princess will love the fights and attention that you give her. You’ll quickly figure out her pattern since she’s probably pretty set in her ways. The first few rounds will definitely be tough, but once you get it you’ll figure out what sets her off and what soothes her pouty face.

As Time Goes On

The biggest issue for most guys who go for the princess types is that it can get really boring. Like we mentioned, she’s a broken record and wants what she wants when she wants it. But luckily there is also a side of her that loves the way you spoil her. When she takes you to the edge and almost tips it over, she’ll pull back and realize that she’s gone too far. Then she’ll try in her own way to make it up to you.

If this is something that you think that you can handle, then it can be entirely possible to have a happy and somewhat healthy relationship with her. Just remember that you’ll definitely need patience and to be able to take a slight beating.