Not everything can be as simple as looking up someone on for a casual hookup. Chances are that she is going to want to have more information than just a few words sent to her the moment she registered on the site before she is willing to make a decision. If you have already done your due diligence, then you have already made sure to have a good profile picture and put together a half decent profile section that at least seems somewhat appealing to her.

Ultimately, though, we’re here for more than just the setup. Execution is everything in these scenarios. Even if your first impression was great, having a weak follow-through can be what ultimately makes her choose one of the other guys vying for her attention.

Know Where to Start From

So you know that what you say is important: now what? Well, knowing where you are starting from is a good place to start. In this case, that means evaluating the situation a bit. Did you just fly in from a comparison of sex dating sites to immediately message her the moment you had the chance? If so, was is a generic message you spammed to hundreds of women, or did you bother taking a look at her profile first.

While there is certainly something to be said for the sake of the pure numbers method, chances are you will have better luck with each woman if you take a minute to skim her profile first. This, more often than not, is where you will find your starting point.

Most people will, one way or another, give you some preference or inkling of themselves in the profile, no matter how generic it is. In fact, the shorter, more to the point, and unprepared the profile, the more you can assume she really just want a quick hook up and nothing more. Someone who bothers to be more precise is looking for something or someone in particular, however, and knowing or having some idea of who or what that is is bound to get her attention more than the dozens of generic messages she is bound to get a day.

As you can see, knowing where you are starting from is one of the most important parts of appealing to her in the right way. Unfortunately, there really is no quick shortcut to this sort of thing and it really is just a matter of doing your homework beforehand. Another way to think of it, however, is being able to find some way of appealing to her in spite of any negatives you might otherwise have to deal with. That is why focusing on her is so often the best method to take when it comes to any form of dating, be it online or off.

Showing Your Interest Without Sounding like a Stalker

If you happen to be in a public forum when you first meet, say an actual chatroom and not just one that was generated so the two of you could talk through whatever website the comparison of sex dating sites sent you to, things get a little trickier. This is mainly because you need to find a way of introducing the idea without coming off as some weird, Internet stalker.

Most of this usually comes down to timing and delivery. That is to say, don’t start off talking about sex or about her and don’t throw in the suggestion too jarringly. She will be so thrown off she will just reject it out of hand. As we mentioned above, you really need to know where you are starting from to make sense of what to say and when to say it.

When it comes to choosing a nonsexual method of engaging her, this is critical, since it entices her into speaking not just in general, but with you specifically. Try to find something she has already been talking about, or which is mentioned in any sort of available profile and ask her questions about it. The more information you coach out of her, the more positive view she will have of you.

The second thing to keep in mind is timing. You really need to get a feel for when things are going your way and knowing when it is appropriate to start flirting. Now, in most cases, women actually start the flirting and we just fail to notice. This is because we spend so much time looking for the obvious that we completely miss all of her subtler comments, asides, and allusions. Learning to pick up on the direction of the conversation will help enormously with this. Even a site like will never be able to make up for pure experience and intuition.

So take our word for it, and learn that when she spends a lot of time talking more to you than to the room and is not actually made at you, that should be the first sign that she is probably flirting with you. Try throwing out some bait of your own and see if she picks it up.

When to Ask for Her Number

Regardless of whether you found her through a comparison of sex dating sites or in an actual chat room, asking for a girls number online remains something of a science. Ask too early, and she will probably write you off as overeager, desperate or just plain sleazy. Trust us when we say there are far fewer women with the inclination for sleaze than there those who turn their noses up at it.

Instead, focus on things like how interested she is in you and how long you have been talking to one another. When on an online dating site, this is a much earlier time frame than a true chatroom, for example. In a lot of cases, it may even make her feel better to call you instead. Being aware of her concerns about giving her phone number out to people she doesn’t even know will go a long way to actually being able to hook up at all. The more you can show you are aware of her and willing to address her concerns, the better the option you appear to be.

Knowing When and Where to Hook Up

Finally, knowing where to go and the best times to arrange a hook up will save you a lot of headaches in the long run, and appeal to her int he meantime. This just goes back to treating her well and proving that she will be taken care of more than anything. The more you can appeal to her want to be taken care of, the more likely she is to want to be with you at all.

The fact of the matter is that most men simply do not give much thought to the pleasure of the women they are with. This is especially true of online hookups, where most of the time the woman is just hoping the guy she agreed to hook up with turns out to be the one that actually remembers she wants something out of this too. Taking care of the arrangements for meeting for a romp goes a long way towards making her think she will be taken care of in bed too.