Sending messages to women on dating sites is something that can be a bit overwhelming. You have access to so many hot women that you may find yourself slightly at a loss as to how to make the right impression. If you’re not that good at talking to women, you may find yourself shooting off an awful message before you even think about what you just typed. This is obviously not the way to go, and you’re not going to get very many favorable responses.

There are some things you should just never say to a woman that you want to end up on a date with. The worst part is that you might think some of these things are acceptable to say, which may make things all the more confusing for you when you hit the dating scene. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help.

We’ve sent tons of messages to women on dating sites before, and we know how you should be messaging them. We also know the worst kinds of messages to send. Knowing what sort of things you should never say to a woman you want to date will help you make the most of your time on dating sites. This way, you won’t accidentally send her a message that winds up really upsetting her or driving her away. With our help, you’ll always send the right message and you’ll always get good responses. Here are eight types of messages you should never send to a woman you want to date:

1. “Hey babe. Nice tits/ass/face. Wanna fuck?”

If you’re using one of the best dating sites online, you’re not going to get a single woman’s favor by sending her this type of message. There’s just no way she will appreciate it, no matter what you do. We’re sure that she does have nice assets, but this is not the right way to go about telling her about it. If you want to compliment her, you need to be more sensitive.

2. “Whoa, you look just like an ugly/fat/older Lady Gaga!”

One of the worst things that pickup artists did to the dating scene is it made guys think that they can insult (“neg”) women and get them to like them. You can try to say this to every single woman in Tasmania and you will experience the same results every single time: she’s not going to dig it. You might have good intentions, but the truth is that a comment like this does not seem flattering no matter how you do it. She’s not going to want to talk to you for much longer, and in the worst case scenario she might wind up reporting you.

3. “You remind me of my ex… let me tell you about her.”

We know you’ve dated other women before. She probably knows it, too. However, you don’t need to bring your ex into the conversation – at all. Telling a woman about your ex is not a good idea. Even if it’s a funny story you think is relevant, she is not going to want to hear it. Stay away from telling her things like this if you want to have any kind of chance with her. It doesn’t matter who you are or how hot you are. Going on about your ex is not the way to go about getting women to want to hook up with you.

4. “Hi”

You’re on one of the best sites to date online, so why would you do this? How could you possibly think this would be good enough? It isn’t. Sending her a message that is just one word or greeting is a total waste of your time and hers. You have to think about it logically. She’s getting tons of messages from tons of guys every day. It doesn’t matter if she’s hot or she’s not. She’s a woman on a dating site, and that means she’s getting way too much attention to put up with a single word message from someone like you. Try to put a little more effort into your messages.

5. “You’re looking a little chubby. Time to hit the gym? ;)”

If this is your idea of a neg, you need to throw that plan right out the window. You might think that this is a good way to get a response from a woman, but it’s not going to work out like pickup artists claim it does. In fact, this is a really good way to get women to ignore you. Even if she doesn’t ignore you, and she actually responds, you can pretty much guarantee that it will not be a favorable response. In fact, you could wind up getting blocked by her and reported to the site admins. Do not do this.

6. “Whoa, you’re super hot/cool. Why are you even on this site?”

No woman in Tasmania appreciates this kind of message, even though you may think it’s flattering in some way. Asking her why she is on a dating site is pretty much insulting her in a way that you probably have never considered. You’re basically telling her that she should already have a man on her arm, and the fact that she is single and looking for someone is very strange. Stay away from sending messages like this, because even if you don’t find the insult in it, she definitely will. And she will not appreciate it.

7. “Here are my extremely detailed plans for our hookup…”

Sending a woman a novel about what you want to do when you hook up or date her is not going to go over well. In fact, it’ll probably go over like a lead balloon – it just won’t. You should never do this. You might think that you’re getting all the hard part out of the way, but you’re really just going to creep her out. Try to keep your fan fiction to yourself.

If you send her a message that contains any kind of sexual material, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re not going to get the response you want. No woman opens her inbox to see a detailed description of a guy’s penis and thinks to herself, “Wow, this is the type of guy I want to spend my Saturday night with!” It just doesn’t happen in reality. You need to stay in reality and avoid sending messages like this.

8. “Haha this is my first time using this site, care to teach me the ropes?”

This may seem like a good one to you, but the truth is that this is not going to work out for you. Sending a woman a message like this is just going to make her roll her eyes. She doesn’t have time to waste on you or showing you how to use the website. There are tons more ways you can be creative with your messages and still get her attention. Making a claim that you have no idea how to use the site is probably just not going to go over very well. Even women on the best dating site on the Internet aren’t going to fall for this type of message. Don’t waste your time or hers by sending a message like this.