There’s just something about a smart and sexy woman that really tops off the whole package. Not only is she gorgeous, she knows how to talk her way around you. There’s just something in smart and confident women that can be dangerously appealing to some guys. When you’re trying to figure out how to use dating sites, you may also be trying to figure out how to appeal to smart women. It may seem impossible, but it isn’t. You can take some steps and do some things in order to become more appealing to smart women than you ever have been before.

This may seem like an unreachable dream, but it doesn’t need to be. You can go through the effort to become appealing to smart women and even geeky women if they’re more your style. There are just some things you can do that will help you seem like more of an appealing catch to these types of women. There’s definitely a difference between trying to attract a sorority girl and a Ph.D. student, and you need to know how you can cater to the smarter women in your area.

This does take some effort on your part, and it is important to know that this won’t always work with every woman. However, taking these steps will help boost your confidence, which is definitely important for when you want to hook up with any kind of woman. With our help, you can be the confident and sexy guy that these women want to meet. You can appeal to her without having to go through a serious amount of effort and wind up making a fool out of yourself. Follow our steps and we’re sure you’ll be the talk of all the smartest and sexiest women in your area. Here’s what you need to know about appealing to sexy, smart, and geeky women:

1. Brush up on Your Pop Culture

If you’re going to be going after all the geeky women in Perth, you need to be able to relate to her. That means brushing up on your pop culture is a must. She might wind up making tons of references that you don’t understand, and that’s not exactly something you want to deal with. You need to be able to keep up with her, so you should definitely brush up on your culture.

You don’t really have to play tons of video games to be able to understand video game references – just read up on some of these things and see where it takes you. It may be just what you need in order to relate to her properly. It may not always work out, but at least you’ll be able to keep up with more pop culture references in general. This is definitely a good thing to be able to do, so don’t skip this step just because you think it may not be worth it.

2. Acknowledge Your Breadth of Knowledge

You might think that you have to be the world’s smartest guy in order to appeal to smart women, but that is often just not the case. The better thing to do is be aware of your knowledge and accept it. Some guys can be intimidated by smart women, and you don’t want to be one of them. Smart women don’t dig guys who are intimidated by them, so acknowledging that you don’t know everything is a good way to keep yourself from not having a chance with her.

This is one of our better tips on how to make the most of dating sites and how to appeal to smart, sexy women. You might not be the smartest person you know, so don’t act like it! Acknowledge your shortcomings. She’ll be pleased that you aren’t trying too hard to act like a total wise guy, and it will be refreshing to her to deal with a guy who isn’t all about trying to be the smartest guy in the world.

3. Be Confident, Not Intimidated or Dismissive

You’re not going to be able to hook up with any woman in Perth if you’re too busy being nervous that you’re not good enough for her. We don’t know why most guys are intimidated by being with a woman who happens to be way smarter than them, but this sort of thing won’t earn you any favors with her. You need to try and relax when you’re with a woman who’s way smarter than you.

It’s not the biggest deal in the world that she can talk you in circles. In fact, if you don’t find that sexy, maybe smart women aren’t the right choice for you. Either way, it is still important for you to be able to be confident when you are dealing with smart women. Confidence is always sexy to women, and it will be even sexier to them if you refuse to be intimidated by her smarts.

You don’t want to act like a know it all douchebag either. That’s not the right kind of confidence. What you want is to be confident that you’re good enough for her while still acknowledging that she’s a sexy and smart woman. If you can do this, you will have much more success with women who are smarter than you. They’re used to guys being weird about how smart they are, so do your best to remain confident and collected when you’re with her and she busts out some crazy science quote.

4. Work on Your Personal Style

This is a must-have if you’re trying to figure out how to get results from a dating website and meet attractive women who are interested in you. With smart women, the bar is set a bit higher. These women are classy and sophisticated in a way that you need to be prepared for. If you’re going to try and pursue these types of women you need to be on your best behavior and your best appearance.

Work on your personal style and present yourself as a classy guy, and you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding with these women. You can’t expect to pick up the woman with a Ph.D. if you’re showing up in ratty jeans and flannels. It just probably won’t happen, so you need to be prepared for that.

5. Make an Effort to Get Invested in Her Hobbies

If you want to hook up with a smart woman, you have to appeal to her. One way to do that is to become invested in her hobbies. You don’t need to go get a doctorate in microbiology or whatever it is that she pursued in her education. What you do need to do is try to get into some of the things she’s into. Take an interest in learning things about science, even if it’s at a much more amateurish level than what she’s into.

We know it may seem a bit odd, but even just showing a passing interest in what she’s interested in will help you appeal to her on a more personal level. Plus, you might wind up learning quite a bit, and that’s never a bad thing. Keep this in mind when you’re pursuing that smart, sexy lady.