The Internet, unfortunately, can sometimes be a dangerous place, and you need to be wary when you’re using online dating sites. Unfortunately, there are women out there that aren’t really who they claim to be. These women could wind up being scammers or hackers, or just guys who are messing around. If you’re using a legit dating site, of course, you want to make sure the woman you’re speaking with is legit as well.

Nobody wants to get caught up in a scam when they’re just trying to have some fun using a dating site. We know it can be challenging, but you need to be able to tell if the woman you’re speaking to is actually legitimate. There’s usually no hidden sign or a blatant clue that you can look to when you’re trying to figure out if a woman is legitimate.

However, what you can do is ask her questions when you message her. You want to make sure you’re speaking to a real woman when you message her, and you want to make sure she actually looks like what she claims to look like. This means you should ask her some questions to figure out what is true and what is a lie. You might be tempted to ask her all sorts of crazy things, but that won’t really get you very far.

We’re here to tell you the top five questions you can ask a woman on a dating site to figure out if she’s legitimate or not. With our help, you won’t have to be so worried about running into a scammer and getting the wool pulled over your eyes. We’re here to teach you, so here’s what to ask her:

1. Ask Her Where She Went to School

This might not be that obvious to you, but it is definitely a good way to see what she says. This can give you at least a clue if she’s legitimate, and it’s not super obvious that you’re fishing for information about whether she’s a real woman or not. If you ask her this and she tells you some random school in Sydney you’re sure shut down ages ago, it could be a bad sign.

Of course, this question on its own usually isn’t going to be enough to tell you if she’s legitimate or not. You really need to try and accompany this question with some more details to see what she says.

2. Ask Her for a Picture of Her Holding up a Sign for You

This is one of the best ways to make sure that the woman you’re talking to is actually legitimate. Asking her to hold up a sign with your name on it and send you a picture of it is clearly a great way to verify her identity. It’s very difficult for someone to fake this, and while it’s definitely still a possibility, it’s nowhere near as common as you would think. Legitimate women on legitimate dating sites won’t mind doing this for you at all, so you should always make sure to ask her to do it.

It’s also a good way to make sure that she still looks like what she looked like in her profile pictures. Some women will post old pictures of themselves if they’ve gained a lot of weight or change their appearance in a way that they don’t want you to know about. If you ask her to make a sign for you and take a picture, you get to see what she looks like right then and there. There’s no questions or doubt about it, so this is definitely one of our better tips on how to make sure that the woman you’re speaking to is legitimate.

3. Ask Her What She’s Looking to Get out of the Experience

This is a good question to start with since most legitimate women will have a great answer to this before you even ask her. Asking her what she wants to get out of her time on the website is a good way to test the waters and see what she has to say for herself. This won’t help you determine if she’s legitimate on its own, but it’s still a good question to ask for many reasons. You want to know that she’s actually on the dating site for good reason, and not because she wants to mug you and steal of your money.

Of course, if you’re speaking to a woman who really wants to mug you and steal all of your money, she’s just going to lie about what she wants. However, asking a woman what she wants to get out of a site is still a good way to test the waters. If she’s lying to you, you might be able to tell just by the way she responds.

4. Ask Her for Some Recent Pictures of Herself

Another thing you should do if you want to determine if the woman you’re speaking to is legitimate is to ask her for some reason pictures of herself. A woman on a legitimate online dating site shouldn’t mind doing this for you. She may even ask you to do the same, which is always a good sign, and you should be sure to oblige. Not only does it help you see what she looks like then and there, but this also helps you verify her legitimacy. If she’s using someone else’s pictures, she’s going to have to dig for a while to find ones that look more recent. This is something that you should keep in mind when you’re trying to decide if she’s a real person or not, or who she claims to be. You should ask for her recent picture is whether or not you’re questioning her legitimacy, since you never want to be surprised by a drastic change in appearance. If you’re lucky, will be able to spot bad decisions before you make them.

5. Ask Her What Area She Lives In

Another thing you can do when you are questioning whether or not she’s legitimate is to ask her what area she lives in. If she makes a specific claim and says she lives in Sydney, you should try to ask her for specifics about where she lived. This is a good way to catch a scammer in a lie. If you’re quite familiar with the area she claims to be from, then you can determine if she’s really being honest or not. Unless she has really done her research, chances are that she won’t be able to lie about this – at least not very well.

This is a good question to ask any woman you’re talking to, and not just the ones that you want to confirm the legitimacy of. It’s always good to know where she lives, especially since you probably want to have a chance at meeting up with her at some point. It’ll help you figure out more than just whether or not she’s a real person, so there are plenty of reasons to ask her. She has no real excuse not to answer, so if you ask a woman where she lives and she doesn’t want to answer, you should definitely be wary of that.