When it’s time to find your perfect woman it might be hard to figure out where to even start looking. Popular personal dating sites like Elitefling.com might put you at a good point, but you can also get going in real-life while still working it online. All you have to worry about is finding the right place to find the right woman. Go where you wouldn’t normally. Bars and clubs are sort of the normal mating place, so women have their defenses up from the get-go.

The Hardware Store

It’s going to sound completely sexist, but the fact of the matter is that most of the time women don’t know what they’re doing when they wander in here. That doesn’t necessarily make you the king of the hammers but you might have some more info than she does. When she’s looking lost and confused you can be there to lend a hand. How helpful of you.

In Line

It’s true, it’s true. It’s getting pretty exciting here. But the truth of the matter is that no one thinks that lines are fine. When you and she have to stand in line at the bank, an amusement park, or at the Ministry of Transportation it can be prime time to pull out your funniest one-liners. Making her laugh and chatting her up while you’re both bored to death will not only leave her grateful, but it will make her remember you. If you’re really feeling brave you can give her your number. That will leave the ball in her court and put less pressure on her.

Playing the Game…

When you’re into sports it’s nice to find someone else who’s into the same thing. The gym is one place to go, but you can do even better. Join up with a co-ed league in your area and start playing some games. It doesn’t matter if it’s hockey or soccer, keep an eye out for the sexy lady players on the other team. If they end up losing you can go over and compliment her on a great play that she had. She might still be upset over the loss, but the compliment will help make that up to her. Offer to take her so that you can get some pointers from her for your next game. Just make sure that you aren’t coming off as being pompous and trying to claim your prize or something.

Let’s say that her team actually won. In that case, you can go over and ask her for some tips all the same. Plus she’ll probably be so pumped up on endorphins from winning and exercising she might be up to saying “yes” to about anything.

…Or Watching the Game

The other end of the spectrum is to find your sporty chick at the games going on. Go with guys and try to sit next to a few of the ladies in the crowd. Ask them for their prediction on who’s going to win and any plays that you might have missed. Offer to buy them beers or take a picture, for souvenir purposes. You may have to take one for your own personal team and switch sides, just make sure that you score just as much as the pros do.

Take a Class

Obviously, if you’re looking to find the perfect woman you want to get someone who has similar interests as you. Taking a class at the local college is a good way to meet women who want to learn the same things that you do. These are prime opportunities to get a study partner for the test next week. Or someone to help you hone your spinning technique. Plus dance classes or aerobic classes that require a partner are practically made for the two of you to flirt and have fun. She’ll love the way you move your body just as much as you do with hers.

The Grocery Store

Another less obvious place, but don’t discount it yet. Grocery stores are a place we all have to go to if we cook for ourselves at all. You can pretend to be confused and ask her for help on something (recipe ingredients, what is the stuff they’re trying to sell, etc.) or you can try to make a funny joke about lettuce. Whatever you can do to get to shop around with you. Even at the end of the trip, you’ll end up…hey waiting in line. See, two places combined into one. Be the gentleman and let her pay first. Maybe you can ask her to be shopping buddies or something. Give her the hint that you’d like to see some more of her and see where it takes you.


Museums are full of women who love to talk about art, obviously. So why not be the guy who can talk with them? These women are going to be deeper than those you’d find on those popular personal dating sites so you’ll have to know what you’re talking about. Learn the difference between the painters who are being showcased and keep an eye out for the artists she’s looking at in particular.

Book Stores

You’re so rugged, but you also have an intellectual side. So going to the local bookstore or library will find a woman who’s also going to be able to keep up with your conversations. Browse the aisles and ask her for some recommendations or swap some of hers with yours. Luckily people who go to these places tend to hit them up a lot, so you’ll have a good chance of finding her again. If you’re worried you can always try to exchange numbers or ask the librarian to play love connector and slip it to her when she’s checking out.

The trick with finding your perfect woman is to go looking where you would want to be. These are all suggestions, so if you’re not actually into museums then don’t go there. You’ll be unconvincing when you’re hitting on her and she may not even be your type of gal. But with all of this work it can be a little off-putting, that’s fine. Don’t give up all hope and shell out money to those popular personal dating sites when you can do the work yourself.

Plus it’s so much more effective when it comes to finding the woman that you’re going to love in person. The internet is an easy place for women to carefully think of their words, strike the poses that make them look the best, and be far too picky when it comes to men.

Real life lets you charm her whether she was expecting it or not. So long as you avoid the usual places you’ll have a pretty good chance. Bars and clubs may have alcohol to make everything slipperier in the conversation but it also doesn’t lead to real connections when you’re drunk. You prove that you have more substance than the average guy hitting on her at the bar. The extra effort will not only make you look better but also land you a woman who’s above waiting around a bar to get some stranger to buy her drinks.