It’s amazing the things that people will try to run a scam off of. When there are dozens and dozens of free or reasonably priced sites on the web today there are still some people who try to run scam sites. They just want your money and don’t care about providing a service. They want you to cough up the cash and will never actually make an effort to get you in the vicinity of women who are looking for—and paying for—the privilege of hooking up with guys. In a review of sex dating sites, these always rank way at the bottom. Still, their opening page often seems legit. Here are some warning signs that the site you’re using doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

1. Flirts Blocked by a Pay Wall

The first thing that you’ll notice is that you’ll often get a little notification mere minutes after filling out your profile. You may think that you’re hotter stuff than you ever knew. You feel successful, you feel excited, and when you go to click on the notification you find out that these little notifications are only available to members who pay to view them. In your mind, you just got a notification from some premium member mere minutes after signing up. Excitement abounds, and you’re willing to cough up the extra money to see who it is and hope that they hook up with you.

In the real world, most of these flirts are sent by spambots. They’re programmed to funnel attention to new users so that you’ll be flattered and overcome by desperation and curiosity that you’ll have to pay. You’ll get linked to the profile of a great woman who doesn’t exist and will, therefore, never message you back no matter how many times you pester her. It’s a classic move.

2. Automatically Renewing Subscriptions

Every dating site should have the option to buy one month of features at a time. It might be a little more expensive, but it should be that way so that you can decide for yourself if you want to keep paying for the dating service. There are sites out there who require you to leave your credit card information on file so that they can automatically bill you every month. These sites are counting on you forgetting that you signed up. You won’t log in again after a few days, but unless you’re checking your credit card information carefully every month for charges from sites like it might be ages before you realize that site is skimming a little cash off for an automated renewable subscription.

Meanwhile, they’ve collected all that money for a service that you weren’t even using. It’s sleazy, underhanded, and not the sort of hassle you need in your life. If you don’t absolutely need that account, you should back out while you still can, or at least set a monthly reminder in your phone to decide if you’re going to keep your account for another month. That way you won’t be surprised when your bills come due and you’re a few bucks short.

3. Free to Use but No Nonpremium Features

A lot of sites have a free to use section that’s a basic dating format, and then a premium or advanced area that you have to pay to use. It makes sense to pay to get rid of ads or be able to search your matches more specifically. You shouldn’t have to pay to do things like sending private messages or in any way interact with another user. Some of these sites set up a “Free” account that doesn’t actually let you do very much of anything.

On a review of sex dating sites, these kinds of sites fail in every category. They’re not easy to use, they’re not cost-effective (because they don’t work, so they’re sucking your time and time is money), and they’re not going to get you laid. If you have to pay before you can even talk to a woman, it’s not really a free dating site. It’s a free preview of a paid dating site where you can’t touch the merchandise. That’s no fun at all.

Also, consider the fact that if you can’t even message a woman then they’re not really making you pay for “premium” features. They’re making you pay for what thousands of other sites will give you literally for free. A dating site should have something special to offer before you go giving away your hard earned money.

4. Promise What They Can’t Deliver

You might find dating sites that make incredible claims. As hard as it is to have to hear this, most dating sites can’t actually promise you dates. They can only put you in the vicinity of lots of women who really, really want to go on dates. It’s up to you to do the rest. If you hear claims that you’ll have five dates in a month with their site or anything similar to that they’re just talking themselves up in an effort to get your money. They don’t actually care about your dating life and they’re not going to go out and personally message women on your behalf, asking them to go out with you.

No site can promise you a certain number of dates. They can offer statistics as to what their average member reports getting, but that’s all that they can do. Liars are never lying harmlessly. They’re inflating the numbers so you’ll part with your cash.

5. Asks for Your Credit Card Information No Matter What

If this site is creating a free account for you, why do they need your credit card information? They assure you that you won’t be charged for anything, but that’s still a really risky claim. If there was a man on the street who promised he wasn’t going to take your money but he still needed to hold your wallet you’d be suspicious, and rightfully so. If they don’t intend to charge you for their site then they don’t need your credit card information.

When you can’t proceed without giving them something then steer clear of that site altogether. You don’t want to end up giving the people who run access to your credit line just because you really wanted to talk to pretty women right then. Stay strong, stay reasonable, and exercise proper caution when handing out your credit card information online. Just because it’s a business doesn’t mean that it’s scrupulous or that it won’t charge you a lot.

Reviews of sex dating sites show that a lot of scammers have similar things in common. They want access to your credit card when they have no earthly reason to deserve it, either on a month-by-month basis automatically or before you’re even allowed to create an account with them. They’ll make outrageous promises to get you to part with that information, and when you still aren’t sure they’ll resort to spam bots using pictures of gorgeous women to tempt you into paying out just to see if someone really, really likes you. The enemy of the scammer is common sense, but they prey on hope. Always ask yourself if the situation is too good to be true. If you answered yes, then you should get out while you can.