Making the right impression is all about setting yourself up for success. It’s just as true online as it is in the workplace and there is never any reason to shortchange yourself in either area. That is why taking the time to set up a decent profile will often do wonders for your ability to really find someone worth hooking up with. You could read all of the British sex dating site reviews out there and you still won’t be able to guarantee a hook up no matter what site you use. Really taking your time to make a solid profile is what separates the desperate and unknowledgeable from the men that get laid.

Keep It Short and Clean

Right from the beginning, you need to appeal to her in every way possible. When it comes to profiles, whether they are for dating or straight up sex, the very first thing you need to show her is that you know how to be visually appealing. That means no wall of texts and no anemic amounts of it either. You need to set a good balance between the white space available and the amount of text you write. Mostly, the formula comes down to about two, short paragraphs on dating sites, and one paragraph worth of writing split in two for sites devoted to just hooking up for a roll in the hay.

The entire point here is to get across what you need to say in as few words as possible, not only for the sake of clarity but also for the sake of how it appeals visually on the page. The more information you give, the less likely she is to read it. The less information you have, the less of a chance you have to make the impression you want. The balance can be difficult, but a few revisions really shouldn’t take you long at all, and eventually leave you with something that is going to attract the woman you want.

Be Clear about What You Want

The most important part of your profile is that it needs to highlight what you are really looking for. Do not waffle back and forth between dating, casual sex, and the rest. In the end, you show really know better than anyone what you want out of any given relationship. Trying to look good for all comers is just going to turn women off from both. The ones looking for more than a hook up will look at a profile that lists casual sex alongside a committed relationship as someone needy and just looking for attention. Meanwhile, the women looking for a quick lay might consider it too risky to hook up with a guy that could be looking for a more permanent attachment. Do you see how you are essentially screwing yourself over with this?

When it comes to producing a successful profile, there is nothing more important that tell her exactly what you want and how you intend to get it. If that means bringing all the equipment for an elaborate fantasy you really just need to try, say so. On the other hand, if it means that, even if you could go for a roll in the hay, you are ultimately looking for something more, say that. Choose one or to the other, or, ideally, use two different sites to address each need separately. In the end, that is the only good way to deal with something like that.

Using two different sites might seem like more than it is worth, but when you consider what is effective versus what is convenient you can start to see the true value of this advice. What it comes down to is the simple fact that most of these websites have already done the legwork for you. That was the whole point in signing up in the first place, wasn’t it? So take advantage of what has already been done in your favor and find the best Glasgow dating site as well as its best hook up site and separate the two wants. You didn’t spend all of that time digging through British sex dating site reviews for nothing, after all.

Obviously, if you only have one preference, then stick to that. Just make sure you are not copying the same profile into each. Not only do they need to be of different lengths, but they need to have different kinds of information. No one cares about your hobbies if they are just looking to get laid, but everyone is going to care about them if they are looking for someone to date. Ultimately, it is all about knowing your audience and what really gets them motivated.

Make Sure She Knows It’s on You

Another good thing to keep in your profile is a reminder of how good it will be for her to hook up with you over someone else. Never forget that you are one in a sea of choices for her and it is up to you to use everything in your power to stick out among the crowd. So instead of spending all of your time in your profile talking about you and what you want, give some references for who she is going to benefit from replying or reaching out to you in the first place.

Often times, this can be as simple as an aside about knowing all the best places in Glasgow for hooking up without being bothered. Sometimes, it comes in the form of mentioning all the kinks you want a potential playmate to share and how you will take care of getting everything you need for the both of you to enjoy yourselves. Whatever you settle on, always remember to highlight it. If possible, build it into your first sentence, since that is the most likely one they will read before leaving.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To

Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of a good profile photo. You need to give her a hint of what to expect: don’t overdo it! This is not something you will typically see covered in British sex dating site reviews, however, it is imperative to building something women are going to really react to the moment they see it. Find a guide that can tell you the best way to appear attractive to the kind of woman you really want to attract and go out of your way to make that photo happen. Set up the lighting correctly and take the time to edit it after the fact.

You do not need to change who you are, but you would be surprised at the difference a little color and lighting adjustment on top of some light denoting can make in a photo. For someone who is more than likely used to camera phone selfies, going the extra mile here will really impress her. Of course, don’t put all of your card son the table just yet. Even if you are on a website whose sole purpose is to get you laid, completely naked photos just don’t do it. Not because they don’t belong, but rather because they leave nothing for her to think about afterward.