With all the things you have to stay on top of to make online dating worthwhile, privacy is usually one of the last things that come to mind. The reality, however, proves that even just surfing sex dating website reviews can have unfortunate consequences if you happen to have a sensitive job or are otherwise already attached. No matter if you know you have something to lose or not, keeping on top of your privacy should always be a priority no matter where you go online.

When it comes to online hookups, however, this is especially true, as not only are these sites most likely to get hijacked with malware but just being connected to them can affect most of us pretty negatively were the information to ever get out. As is often the case, however, just knowing your choices can be enough to stem the tide and turn things in your favor. Read on for the toolbox of internet privacy.

Proxy Servers: Cheap and Effective

When it comes to getting the most for your money, nothing beats a proxy server. Not only are they cheap, especially when you consider what you get in return, but there is always a wide range to choose from and offer a wide range of setup options. Whether you feel confident setting it up yourself, or want someone else to do it for you, there are programs to do everything you want and many proxy servers come with services to help get everything set up according to your situation and preferences.

So what is a proxy server, exactly? You can think of it as a bouncer for your computer. While, typically, your computer is at the end of a direct line of contact with the website or server you want to use, when you use a proxy server, instead of seeing you, the website (and everyone using it) will see that server instead. Of course, someone with a high level of network knowledge and hacking ability can eventually work their way through. However, the main point of a proxy is to provide a wall that most people won’t bother attempting to bypass.

There are, of course, more sophisticated setups and more secure proxy servers you can pay for. Whether that means setting up multiple proxies outside of Birmingham or just finding one that really specializes in keeping your personal information away from prying eyes is ultimately up to you. While most of the time a proxy server connection is going to run you far less than, say, a monthly subscription to your preferred dating site, we see no reason not to pay up to at least the same amount in order to guarantee your privacy. In the end, how important it is to stay anonymous is up to you. How comfortable you are with your own technical abilities comes should only come into play after you decide how important it is that you have a very good proxy server or multiples of them. After that, it’s technical skill versus the amount of money you want to lay down. Obviously, the more you have of one, the less you will need of another.

Mobile Internet Hotspots and You

Another thing to keep in mind is the option to access the websites in an entirely different way than you normally would. This ultimately comes down to who you are trying to keep unaware of your activities. We mention this mainly because having your own hotspot works best if you are trying to avoid someone in your private life tracking what you do online, such as a wary spouse. On the other hand, if you are trying to avoid someone who really knows what they are doing from tracking you down from the outside, having your own hotspot just gives them another account to connect to you in the end. Likewise, most internet service providers are going to have some kind of log of where you went and what you did no matter what they say otherwise.

The question then becomes, how important is it to keep your searches for sex dating website reviews to yourself alone? If you want, you always have the option to combine these two suggestions and use your mobile internet hotspot to access a proxy server which, from which you travel wherever you want. This way, your service provider sees you accessing that server alone and will typically have to dig much deeper to find anything else, which typically is not going to be something they can be bothered to come up with unless legally forced.

On the other hand, the more hoops you jump through in order to get where you want to go, the longer the trip will ultimately be, so there is definitely the consideration of convenience versus privacy involved. One of the biggest benefits to a mobile hotspot has little to do with the proxy server and everything to do with the fact that it is not only typically harder to listen in on from the outside, but also gives you much more freedom in where you access the Internet. Rather than being stuck in your house with someone peering over your shoulder, you could be anywhere in Birmingham, tucked into a corner booth unnoticed.

Prepaid Cards and How to Use Them

Probably one of the simplest and therefore most easily forgotten methods of covering your tracks is just making sure your method of payment can’t be traced back to you. While there is no way to really guarantee no one will be able to track search for sex dating website reviews back to directly, throwing in a prepaid card will certainly make it more difficult. In fact, most of these suggestions are designed more around the idea of making it more frustrating and difficult to get at your information rather than completely impossible.

The fact of the matter is that anyone trying hard enough and with enough resources behind them can eventually find what they are looking for. Obfuscating as much as you possibly can is the only viable solution for the grand majority of us looking to hook up online. That includes us just as much as it includes you.

Encrypting Your Information

When it comes to making things difficult for people to track your digital movements, encryption is the top of the list. We put it at the end of ours, however, simply because it is a little more difficult to put together for most people and riskier as well. Encryption of outgoing network traffic is something a little more involved on a technical level than your previous options and will likely require that you ask someone for help. This in and of itself can put your privacy at risk simply because someone knows you are asking.

On the other hand, if anyone else comes along after the fact and finds goes through your internet service provider’s logs only to find everything is encrypted, that is often all it takes to stop them dead in their tracks. Unless you give up the encryption key, most available types would simply tack too long to crack through brute force alone to really be worth the time or effort involved.