One of the most difficult things to do when trying to find the perfect playmate is to keep your head on straight enough to keep yourself protected during and after the fact. Let’s be honest: we aren’t the most rational people when sex is on the line and we need it now. For that reason alone, it is often a good idea to cover all of your bases before succumbing to the heat of the moment. A little peace of mind can go a long way.

Learning to Live by Prepaid Card

The number one suggestion that’s given on reviews of sex dating sites for keeping your wallet under control? Using prepaid cards to sign up for the services these sites offer. We agree completely. When it comes right down to it, there is no real safety mechanism for keeping yourself from someone using your card information multiple times without you knowing until it is too late. Whether that means a hacker intercepted your information, malware infected your computer or the site you wanted to try for a month automatically renewed your subscription two weeks early, the fact of the matter is you are putting yourself out there when you put your payment information online.

The easiest way to circumvent this issue is to not use the same card(s) you use for just about anything else you actually trust. In other words, if one card is attached to the same account that typically pays your rent, you probably don’t want to put that online anyway, let alone in parts of the Internet that are known for being just this side of shady.

When it comes to paying for the services of the best sex dating in Liverpool, the use of a prepaid card should really go without saying. Not only does it protect you immediately from giving the site access to any further funds than you want to allow, but it also keeps your name in the clear. Any fallout from this website or the chance of being connected to it just got a lot harder, if for no other reason than the fact that the card itself is not in your name.

When it comes to protecting your wallet, part of that means protecting your identity. Anyone who gains access to the site for the sake of malware, or just straight up stealing customer information is not likely to waste their time with anything not immediately accessible. That means that once they see it is a prepaid card, they will just skip over it and move on to the next poor bloke that didn’t think ahead. Not only are you protected in anonymity, but also because should they bother to attempt using the card, they will only have access to the remainder of the amount you put on it in the first place.

Signing in from a Different Account or Computer

A step that is useful even before you go looking through reviews of sex dating sites; setting up a separate account or using a different computer will help you separate your online life from your private one. First, consider the idea of using a separate computer. If you have access to one that you can use a private browsing session on and won’t be immediately traced back to you, this is another good way to keep yourself safe from things like malware that try to infect your computer and look for additional information in order to gain access to bank accounts and credit cards.

While potentially putting someone else’s computer at risk instead of your own, it is also important to remember that choosing to use another person’s computer implies a whole other level of concern in that you will need to keep any evidence of what you did from popping up in their usual day to day actions on the same machine. This can be daunting for someone who is not very technologically inclined and typically involves the creation of another account anyway.

The most common account created for your own computer or on another? A guest account. These sort of logins are specially designed not to remember anything that happened when that person last logged in. While the true depth of how the information is banished from memory varies from one operating system to another, the general premise stays the same. That premise is the idea of going back to a default state every time the user logs out and keeping anyone logged in as a guest from having any lasting effect of any kind on the computer itself or other, permanent user accounts.

Guest accounts, then, protect you in multiple ways. It restricts your permissions and so tends to confound most basic keyloggers and other kinds of malware because it has no access to the rest of the machine and no ability to change that. Another key part of the guest login revolves around the fact that it completely forgets everything that happened during the session once it is closed. It cannot track what you do or affect any lasting change because, in most cases, that information simply is not saved anywhere in order to be accessible later on. This is one of the few times where digital information really just disappears as if it never existed in the first place.

Anti-virus and Anti-malware

That brings us to making sure you have anti-virus, anti-malware, and anything else that might be part of the suite of programs most everyone has installed to keep their computers safe from harm. Not only do you need to have a real internet security solution in place, but you also need to update it, or alway it to update itself as needed. In addition to this, it is always good practice to get in the habit of manually running a scan when you know you have been to the less savory parts of the world wide web. One of the first things most malware attempts to do is cut off security suites from updating and from running their usual scans without prompting. Sometimes, just remembering to go back and manually run another scan is more than enough to get rid of anything that might have slipped by.

Backups, Freezes, and Encryption

If you really want to get intense in your data protection, however, consider looking into encryption and what is typically referred to as “freeze states” before diving into reviews of sex dating sites. Encryption is like turning all of the information on your computer into illegible code that can only be sorted out with a key. Without that key, good luck figuring out what that random bunch of data says. It could be anything from the best bars in Liverpool to a recipe for fried fish. This is an excellent solution to keeping your network from being easily peeked in on, since it is not only possible but recommended for people to encrypt their outgoing web traffic if nothing else. In addition, freeze states act like a stricter version of the guest login revert to default settings. The primary difference? Freeze states affect the entire operating system and literally rewrite things back to the state that was originally frozen.