When you want to learn how to have sex dates online, one of the most important things to do is find out what type of woman you are trying to appeal to. Second to that is, of course, knowing what they find attractive. Congratulations on figuring out the first already, since knowing your audience can help you focus your efforts more effectively. When it comes to finding out what they find attractive, however, a bit of research is required.

No matter how you approach the topic of attraction or how to better appeal to women in Scotland, you have to start by throwing away your basic beliefs about what other guys have told you about them. Why? Well, to put it simply, most of what we’re taught is just plain wrong. No surprise, really, because most of the time, it’s other men telling us what women on a whole want in a guy. Most of the time, you can rest assured they got their information from another guy and on back. Who is going to know better than women what they are actually interested in?

On top of that, it’s very common to receive seemingly conflicting answers just because you asked women from different social groups. What are you supposed to do in the midst of all this misinformation? Take a load off and let us break it down for you instead of worrying about it, that’s what.

Interest Is More Important than Intellect

When it comes to the geeky group of women, what you will actually find more frequently than anything else is a preference for passion. We don’t necessarily mean the art of seduction, however. Instead, it’s proving that you have something in common with her that is the major takeaway here. That means appealing to her in the same way she appeals to you, so prove yourself in her eyes by showing her you understand her better than her other options. You don’t need to sound intellectual and you do not have to have a scarily deep pool of information from which to pull random facts in hopes of impressing her. These are typical misconceptions you really don’t need to pay any attention to.

Instead, try an approach of acknowledging what she seems to be really interested in, and then offer up something in return that you are highly invested in. This could be something as simple as a sports team you have been a fan up since you were five in comparison to a band she is madly in love with, so don’t hold yourself back here! The more you can prove yourself devoted to something, the more she will see you as like her in some way.

Whatever You Are Good at, Be an Expert

That having been said, if you are really into something to the degree that you have memorized little-known facts, or are just incredibly good at calculating out the statistics for it, own it. There is no reason to default back to looking up how to have sex dates online if you can charm the pants off a few women with a bit of knowledge you already have.

In fact, when it comes to winning over geeky girls, you’ll find this method is an incredibly useful one. That is because it often proves the previous suggestion of appealing to interest over intellect. People are not smart about a favorite pastime. They are experienced at it. This can apply to sports and music just as easily as anything she is currently obsessed with, so roll with it.

How do you prove “interest-over-intellect” with something like this? Most of the time it comes down to just knowing a lot, and therefore is frequently reduced to memorization. This might sound daunting at first, but chances are pretty good that if you are really interested in something, you already have a pretty good base of knowledge on the topic. If you are unsure enough that you feel like you need to brush up on things beforehand, absolutely make the effort before you attempt to impress or contact her in any way.

The important part here is being able to pull this information out of the air at any given moment, so you can’t start with something like this and then have to pause to find something mid-discussion.

Ask for Her Opinion as Often as Possible

Impressing women is tricky business and a lot of people make the mistake of thinking they need to do all of the talking and keep her attention 100% of the time. This is not how to have sex dates online. The truth of the matter is she is going to think more highly of you the more you appeal to her want for validation. With most women, but especially geeky ones, that means encouraging her to give her opinion on things. Yes, we do mean regardless of whether or not you care what she has to say on the matter.

The whole point is trying to get her to talk just as often as you. The less you talk, generally speaking, the better her opinion of you. If this sounds harsh, keep in mind that this has nothing to do with you in particular and more to the human penchant to like things that are like us. The more time she spends talking, the more likely she is to think the two of you are alike.

There’s a lot behind this idea, but it basically comes down to the idea of acceptance. If you are not refuting her, talking over her, or allowing her to direct the conversation, then she assumes you value what she has to say and agree with it. Otherwise, even if you do agree with her, talking too much might give the impression that you don’t actually care that she shares the same opinion. When it comes to making a good impression, half the effort should be spent allowing her to draw her own conclusions. The more she talks, the more she assumes you want her to talk, and the better her opinion of you.

Politeness over Chivalry

Finally, always remember that it is more important to be polite than chivalrous. Chivalry comes from the basic idea that we have to protect and guide women, which doesn’t really jive with the more common outlooks these days. Even if you think you are the last great knight in Scotland, try to tone it down a bit. Holding doors and helping her around puddles is one thing, so long as you keep it casual. Try not to do anything for her that you would not do for a guy, and you are walking the right line here.

While geeky girls are just as likely as anyone to want to be swept off their feet, they are also more attentive to whether or not men see them in an equal light. Remember that most of her hobbies are in areas that used to and still mostly are considered to be primarily an interest of men. That means she is used to fighting for her place in enjoying the things she loves. The less she has to do that with you, the better.