Congratulations on snagging someone not only willing to put up with hobbies that take a lot of time, energy and are still not terribly mainstream, but to find someone who shares them! Sometimes, it seems like the odds are against us when it comes to just being able to meet interesting people in the first place.

Managing to find someone who shares the same hobbies as you, or at least understands the time, energy, and effort invested into something like that is a jackpot in and of itself. Keeping them interested and happy is definitely worth a little extra work if it means a better relationship with someone you really enjoy spending time with. Starting with finding a gift she will not only appreciate but use in her favorite hobbies is definitely a good place to begin.

Know Your Options and Brands

When you first considered the difficulty of finding a girl like this in Edmonton, digging through popular online dating reviews seemed like the best option to get into the online dying world and figure things out quickly. There is not much difference when it comes to stocking up your gamer girlfriend with things she will not only like but remind her of your thoughtfulness.

The difficulty, however, comes when you are not a PC gamer yourself. Maybe you like consoles. Maybe you like casual gaming. Maybe you just thought she was cool and do not actually game yourself. Whatever your reason, you need to know your options before you can start examining and differentiating them from one another.

Let’s just start by saying that it is best to stay out of a gaming enthusiast’s gaming machine. Unless you happen to be very tech savvy yourself, or share the interest, the chances that you will be able to contribute to something she has probably put a lot of her blood, sweat, tears and resultant money into is just not that big at all. Not to mention that many gamers have very specific preferences when it comes to money spent on parts, brands purchased, and tweaks they have already made to their systems anyway.

In short, just leave her system to her until she asks for your help or input. Focusing on accessories she can use to play her games, on the other hand, are typically much safer, still thoughtful, and easily returnable options.

When we talk about gaming accessories, we are generally referring to things you can plug into a computer to interact with it without opening it up. That means monitors, headsets, speakers, mice, keyboards, and specialty items therein. When it comes to gaming accessories, the sky’s the limit.

On the other hand, that means there are quite a few items to consider in much the same way as you originally searched for popular online dating reviews in the first place. It also, however, means there is something for every budget as well. That is why, if you are limited on funds, we suggest starting with a price point, whereas having some flexibility can mean starting with her biggest need instead.

Mice, Keyboards, and Similar Input Devices

These are good standards to start with when it comes to gaming accessories since there are a lot of little things that go with them that allow you stretch your dollar if you need to, but a lot of high-end items as well that can really impress her. Something you really want to remember when it comes to gaming mice and keyboards especially, however, is that women, by and large, are going to have smaller hands. Because of this, you really need to approach buying any accessory with a mindset to find reviews where size is discussed. Fortunately, there are many video reviews these days that are relatively easy to find once you have some brand and model names to start with, which will often show a size comparison. Bonus points if you can find one done by a woman.

If you need to find something on the cheaper end of things, we highly suggest looking into specialty items like mouse pads and cable bungees. While these can get up in price as well, it is still feasible to find good quality at the lower price points, whereas keyboards and mice tend to suffer at any price point under 60 bucks if you need something that can perform and take the wear and tear a gamer will put on it.

For mouse pads, start with watching how she uses the mouse. Slides and glides for easy, quick motions are probably suited to speed based mats. Jerky, long-range motions that result in smaller movements on screen, such as for snipers in shooters, will probably want mouse pads for designed for control. If you are really unsure, or she seems to do both, you can find pads with dual surfaces that might be a better option. A cable bungee, on the other hand, is pretty straight-forward and your main concern will probably center on finding something the fits with her desk.

When it comes to mice and keyboards, on the other hand, finding something that she will really use in-game and appreciate for a long time is a much more involved endeavor. To be blunt, it is often a lot of times better to just ask about her preferences. Whether or not she likes what she has, or if it is considered a good accessory, and if she has any complaints: that sort of thing.

Then, the best thing you could possibly do is take all of that information to a gaming or hardware forum and ask for some advice. At least then you can get some product names to start your search with. Expect this to take much longer and have many more options. Anticipate employing some help. Unlike finding popular online dating reviews, getting someone the perfect mouse or keyboard for gaming is a lot more crowd funded in terms of preferences and opinions.

The Audio and Video Bonanza

We are going to get straight to point with this section. Audio and video peripherals such as headsets, speakers, and monitors are really the expensive end of the gaming accessory spectrum. While some deals can be had, it is better to help her fund those sorts of purchases than to make them yourself, especially if this is not your area of expertise. Everyone sees and hears things a little differently, after all, and tailoring your purchase to her, especially when we are talking multiple hundreds of dollars, means a little less discretion and a lot more getting her involved in the purchase.

Of course, if you are really set on surprising her with something, this is certainly the way to go, and it is entirely possible to source some help from the various hardware enthusiast forums around for these sorts of things. Keep in mind, however, that for headsets, in particular, you will want to make sure you know what she plays and the volume she usually plays it at so you can narrow down the choices by positive reviews from people who think similarly. For monitors, at least, there is a general consensus on color versus performance that can be easily looked up prior to purchase.