What’s the use of reading all those sex dating website reviews if you don’t know what you are looking for in the first place? Being successful in online dating is more than just finding a popular site, putting in a pre-made profile and hoping for the best. You need to start with your best outcomes in mind and that requires finding the site that suits your needs, not just the one that happened to have the best advertising that week.

If you are just starting out, the idea of finding the right site can be daunting. There are so many, after all, and shouldn’t you be more worried about finding one that is both safe and has the most women on it?

Well, yes and no. You can find the site with the most women in the United Kingdom, but if it is catering to a crowd you are not interested in, it really is not going to help you in the long run. Playing the odds is important, but there is a difference between throwing something at the wall to see what sticks and doing to your research beforehand to make the most out of every move you make. This is the later.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Right off the bat, the most important thing to keep in mind is what you want to get out of this. Are you looking for some casual dating? A quick shag? The right woman for the next twenty years of your life? Figuring out your end game might seem easy, but take the time to really think it over before you decide on what ultimately suits your needs. You may find that you have two or more separate goals that need to be addressed. This could take any form, but is most commonly a combination of wanting to get laid soon, needing a specific kind of fantasy to be fulfilled, and all the while looking for that woman who is going to stay with you for a while.

Whatever amount or order you end up discovering, write them all down and take a moment to evaluate which is the one you want to address the most in the immediate. Some things can be combined, such as getting laid an immediately and getting laid in a certain way, while others may need to be pushed back or addressed in a different way. Whichever way you end you end up going, pick a path and stick to it.

If you find that you really do need to have a couple of things addressed at the same time, really evaluate whether the two goals complement each other. This will determine how many sites you are actually looking for. The biggest division tends to be between casual sex and finding someone for a committed relationship. If you want casual dates and maybe some sex, you can often fit the two needs on the same website.

On the other hand, something permanent like a committed relationship and something impermanent like a one night stand are different enough that trying to get both out the same site will result in one or neither of them being fulfilled at all. If your two goals are ultimately very different, either put one aside or be prepared to find (and pay for) two very different sites.

Actually Read the Reviews

Another bit of advice that sounds like common sense, but is typically overlooked. When you are reading through sex dating website reviews try not to skim them. You should read what each of the commenters have to say and compare it your end game. Do the reviewers raise concerns about something that would actually influence your outcomes, or are they complaining about something irrelevant to your needs? It is very important to keep this in mind as you read through the various reviews available online.

In addition to this, it is always good practice to keep track of where these reviews are hosted and who is making them. While especially in the case of sex dating website reviews, finding an actual person is highly unlikely, you should at least be aware of who hosts the site it is on.

Always remember it is common practice for companies to create negative reviews for competing services and positive ones for their own. Thus, the best reviews you will find will be those hosted on third party websites with some sort of vetting process in place.

Make the Most of the Free Trial and Read All of the Fine Print

Things become trickier when you start incorporating things like free trials. As we all have unfortunately learned by now, nothing in life is truly free. Keeping in line with this, you will find that most supposedly free trials of any websites you have to sign up for are very short, typically include some sort of auto-renew feature and may sign you up for other websites that are not free.

In this light, our advice to take advantage of free trials may come across in poor taste. Rest assured, however, that there are ways of actually making free trials free, or at least incapable of being a real inconvenience either way. The easiest way to manage this is just going and getting a prepaid card from your corner store solely for the sake of signing up on these websites. After all, even when it’s free they will ask for your credit card anyway.

Of course, the kind of website you are most interested in is also going to determine the likelihood of this being a real problem. The closer you get towards straight forward courting, the more likely they are to stick to trying to convince you to stick around. The closer you come to straight up looking for sex, the harder it can be to untangle yourself.

In either case, making the most of your free trial, once you have taken the appropriate steps to protect yourself from the typical hazards of signing up for one, is all about making sure the website suits your needs. This means getting good at, among other things, replicating how you would normally use it. If a site claims to have the largest amount of women in the United Kingdom under 30? Try looking for a search feature that helps you narrow that pool to the women you would actually be interested in. If you find this difficult or realize the number of people that would actually apply to you is very low, it’s time to move on to the next option.

On the other hand, if you know a website received a bad review solely due to their billing practices, taking care to protect yourself and poking around at the rest of the site’s features can mean the difference between passing up on a good thing and getting stuck with second best.

Just keep in mind that the most important thing is not always what’s popular, but whether or not the women you are interested in visit the site and how well it suits your needs to find and contact them. Once you have found something that can address all of these concerns, you know you have landed on the right site for you.