You don’t have to spend hours obsessing over your profile to turn it into something amazing. A good profile is key to getting dates. But a good profile is also authentic and organic; it reflects you and your style as you write it. This means that if you keep picking at it you’re going to turn it into something false. Then it won’t reflect who you are and what you have to offer women.

You wouldn’t wear your salsa stained tee and the ugliest pair of pants you own on a first date, right? So you can do a little cosmetic grooming to make sure that your profile is putting your best foot forward. These 8 tips are ways to spruce up that profile and get the attention of ladies without having to spend a ton of time on it. Each of these steps should take no more than 10 minutes of your time, and often a lot less. Add them all together over a couple of weeks and you’ll have the kind of profile that gets men noticed.

Take a Fresh Profile Pic

The quickest, easiest way to update your profile is to take a current profile pic. This isn’t about getting your good side and making sure you’re in great lighting. You can show women what you look like at the moment. Then they’re not surprised that you grew a beard (or shaved one off) before you meet. You don’t have to update this daily. But if your profile is feeling a little stale to you this could be the fix you’re looking for.

There are things to consider before you snap this pic. What’s the background? How do you look? What expression should you have? First of all, keep the background clean. A wall is a good option. But if you don’t want to take another bathroom selfie you should at least make sure that the background is clean. No woman wants to see your dirty boxers in the background while you’re flexing.

Next up, don’t take the pic on a bad day. Dress up a little. Take it before you go out somewhere so you’ve got your hair done and your game face on. Look good.

Final tip: instead of grinning into the shot try looking off camera with a neutral expression. It sounds strange. But women report finding men who look into the camera and smile to wide (imitating eye contact) to be too eager. They give them a lower online dating site rating. Play it a little cool in your profile picture and you can avoid coming off as desperate, just like that.

Update Your Information

You want to keep a current profile picture in your profile to impress the hot ladies on sites like Likewise, you should keep your information current. Add in something fresh and interesting about your life. Spend a semester taking a cooking class, for example. When that’s over mention how you’re currently putting money aside to take a great vacation. Keep something current and interesting in your profile at all times.

If you can’t think of anything, that’s a pretty strong sign that it’s time for you to take up some topical hobbies. It’s fine to play around with something until you find what works for you, so don’t be shy about it. Try those hobbies you’ve always wondered about but never tried.

Make It Clear What You’re Looking For

In your profile, you should make it clear. Is your rating of online dating sites’ hotties is either for no strings fun? Or are you looking for something serious? Even if you’d be willing to consider both you should make a choice in your profile. When you’re after anything, it’s easier for women to feel like they’re not what you’re looking for. Nothing could be further from the truth. So you should make it clear that you want a certain kind of relationship above all. A woman browsing your profile should be certain you are both after the same thing from your online dating experience.

Make It Clear Who You’re Looking For

Be clear what kind of relationship you’re after and be clear what kind of woman you want. You shouldn’t be too specific here. But don’t say you want a good personality and a great body; that’s what every guy wants. You should be clear that you like women who love to drink at bars, or dance all night, or whatever revs your engine. If you only want to chat with ex-cheerleaders, say that.

When you visit a big site like, you should know that there are women of every body type available. But don’t be too clear about how thin you want them. Women don’t always see themselves realistically. You might think she’s the perfect thick, curvy woman and she’s only going to think she’s too fat for you.

Keep It Concise

No one wants to read a novel before deciding if they’re going to send you a message or not. Keep her interested by keeping it concise. This means use fewer words, but make them count. Pick the most interesting and intriguing things about you to put in your profile. Your online rating on dating sites will go down if you have a rambling, ill thought out profile.

Make Sure to Include Common Ground

Even though you’re trimming unneeded detail from your profile, keep a few common ground items. You should list your musical tastes or TV preferences, depending on how you like your media. List a few active, interesting hobbies, be they rock climbing or kayaking. You should include things that women can focus on. Then they can say “Yes, I have something in common with this cute guy, I’m going to answer his message.”

Include Specific Date Ideas

One good way to help women see their way clear to messaging you back is simply to include some specific date ideas. Mention in your profile that you’d love to enjoy a night of comedy and cheap drinks at the local club. Or put in whatever local attraction would fit the bill. Get her to imagine what it would be like to be out with you and she’s more likely to try to make those dreams a reality. If you can do that then you’re going to see your responses skyrocket.

Watch Your Language

Yes, you’re an adult on an adult dating website looking for adult connections. We got it, that’s clear. This doesn’t mean that your profile should be chock full of dick jokes and bawdy language. A gentleman has a little finesse, and a gentleman gets more women. You can make your profile suggestive by being upfront about looking for sex.

But you don’t have to give more information. The kind of woman who wants casual sex herself will know to contact you for details. A woman who’s on the fence about you will like that you’re not the same as other men online, flashing dick pics and talking about crude acts publicly.